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Hello Fellow Warriors

Many of you know me and I currently manage 25+ accounts for small to large companies here in San Diego and USA. Many of my clients are asking for Google Places/Maps placement.
I made this page below on Weebly ( I know...I should be using Wordpress) and would like some feed back on how to improve page appearance, conversion or rankings, I am currently on Page 2 of Google on "Google Places Marketing"
Thanks in advance my friends and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

Google Places Marketing - Dominate Google Places and Maps - Home

James Hickey
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    1. I would remove the big image and replace with an image that speaks to your visitors. You figure, if someone has typed into Google "Google Places Marketing" should they see a big image of business buildings?

    2. I'd put some examples of work you've done for other clients. Potential clients need to see validation of your work.

    3. You have a ton of white space towards the bottom - that should get removed.

    4. Change your Copy: Your first sentence reads: "What is Google Places?" If someone, again, is typing in "Google Places Marketing" they've already been validated as someone who probably knows was Google Places is and needs marketing for it. Speak to that person.

    5. OPTIONAL - List a price for your services. Most marketers aren't doing this, so when biz owners do there research and start calling around and then find your service that actually lists the price, the calls start to change from people who really are looking for a price to buyers calling to place an order.
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    Adam has a great list of ideas. Along the lines of "being different" than other marketers, there are a few things I would suggest:

    1) Video. Some of my clients have seen terrific improvement on their sites just by creating a short 1-2 minute video. Not a screenflow presentation, but you, actually in front of a camera, saying hi and giving a short pitch followed by a call to action. Here is a sample script I have used countless times. "Hi, my name is James, and welcome to my site. I am here to help your business achieve more exposure online by leveraging the power of Google Places. There are several important links I want you to check out on this page. The first link labeled (name) explains how google places works. The second link (name) details how google places can benefit your company, giving you an edge over your competition. And the third link, labeled (name), contains a few testimonials from some of my happy clients. After you check out those links, be sure to claim your (gift and/or free consultation) by entering your name and email address in the box to the (location) of this video. I look forward to speaking to you soon.

    2) Capture their contact information in exchange for a free consultation, or better yet, add in a Free report on the "7 ways Google Places can improve your bottom line" or something to that effect, in addition to the free consultation.
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    Yeah that image is a tad big and a little unfocused.
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    You have already mentioned that you know what you should do so just do it.

    We can make all the suggestions in the world but you already know the solution.

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    Made some changes, on Page One of Google !!! I will get rid of the white space when I choose to pay for Weebly Pro...
    More to come, thanks guys/gals !!!

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      I don't like the black color theme.
      If you can change it to the bright color, that would be awesome.

      Just my 2 cents
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        Sent you a PM.

        Best Regards,
        ~ JoeCool

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      Originally Posted by sdentrepreneur View Post

      Made some changes, on Page One of Google !!! I will get rid of the white space when I choose to pay for Weebly Pro...
      More to come, thanks guys/gals !!!

      Very nice use of marketing Mr James Hickey, very nice indeed...

      Always enjoyed your stuff (WF Group)... had to jump on your list...

      happy 2011
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    Too much empty space in the bottom. Try to do bulletins to make your points in the middle.
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