2 Months, 1 Client $40,000 Without the Gimmicks - Here's the Bottom Line

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$40,000 from 1 client in 2 months. So what? Does it mean I know anything super-special that you don't? What it really means is that there's something you need to know or remember ...

Do you have so much going on that at times you feel like you're the 'Chief- of-Stuff?'

Over this last holiday season I lost the toss of the coin on so many things that I ended up being the one to drive to the airport to pick relatives up who had come over for the holidays from London, buy the groceries, do a l-o-t of the cooking and somehow managed to end up with the smallest amount done personally! But it was all good.

After all, "...family first" as they say, and that's why what we do, what YOU do in your offline business can't be left to 'hit-or-miss' i.e. chance.

There's so much 'stuff' around today on how to do this 'offline' thing that it's dead easy to get paralyzed, confused or miss the boat completely...and it doesn't really matter what your level of knowledge or experience is.

Boiled Down Blueprint

OK, I'm going to add my perspective into the mix, but this is because at the time of this writing, it's still early on in the New Year (Monday January the 3rd to be precise) and you've got a whole year ahead of you to make it happen.

But first you've got to know what 'it' actually is.

Broken down into its simplest form. Offline Consulting is about Profitable Problem Solving.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether you associate your problem solving to Internet-based solutions or not is neither here nor there. All our clients and customers (and you too) care about are problems solved profitably.

Defining 'It'

It's important to get 'it' in every sense of the word to be successful in offering your services to local businesses.

There's not enough space here to do this justice and that's why I created a 30 minute instructional video for you to watch.

If you're currently doing 'OK' with your consulting business or if you're 'hitting the ball out of the park' in terms of what you're doing and how you're doing it then the video is NOT for you.

However, if you've been involved in this stuff for over 90 days i.e. Offline Marketing Consulting and you're not getting the results you want or need, then I invite you to access the video here.

Rest assured that you don't have to opt-in and there's no sneaky opt-in required and no 'back-end' shenanigans going on when you get there - It's available to you at no cost.

Back to Defining 'it'...

'It' is more than one thing - But when you take a systematic approach to running your business, 'It' is only one thing (more in the video).

The simple process for making your Offline Consulting more profitable can be summed up in a series of 'Its' and it's not about knowing your target market or niche first (Talking of the term 'niche' - I recommend to my service business clients that they use the term 'niche' as what they bring to the market that is 'different' to their competition. What do you bring to the market or are you like every other Warrior and service vendor? - This small difference in understanding in positioning is priceless. It helps them (and me in my business) get clear about proper positioning - Its also my belief, works for me and I'm not asking you to agree with me either by the way):
  1. Know why you want to do this
  2. Know what you bring to the table
  3. Know what you need to learn
  4. Be open to learning from the experience you gain along the way
  5. Define your target market
  6. Confirm that they have an active association/groups
  7. Understand the general problems they have faced in the past
  8. Understand the problems they face now
  9. Define your ideal client
  10. Apply 6 and 7 above to this smaller (and more likely than not, pain ridden demographic)
  11. If possible, drill down even further to define a smaller sub-set of ideal clients (I went from Health professionals > Chiropractors > 'Mixer' Chiropractors (a 'Mixer' isn't a Chiropractor who likes her/his alcoholic beverage a certain way either!)
  12. Establish what particular challenges they're accustomed to paying for historically
  13. Establish how much they've been paying (obviously for things that don't work or at least don't work for them or they'd've used them)
  14. Learn why those problems haven't been solved to date or at least get to know what your target ideal clients are thinking = Perform FREE Survey Monkey survey (SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool)
  15. Package your results as recommendations and offer through virtual 'positioning' events such as local business webinars, teleseminars
  16. Monetize your virtual events - Remember, these folks aren't your typical thieving internet market scumbags that want to steal your products - They are open to things that they believe will help them and will and DO pay good money. I can prove it to you...actually I do in the video
  17. In case you missed it - MONETIZE i.e. make money from video>audio, audio>White Paper a.k.a special report, audio>CD, video>DVD home study program, virtual event>business coaching, business coaching>mentoring
  18. Plan how you're going to spend time doing the things you really want to do when this works out for you because it will and you need goals BEYOND money (Trust me on this, things like being able to spend more with your family, visit the kids in college/uni when YOU want to are what we really want - Money is just the tool)
  19. Become visible - No semantics. You know whether you're visible or not.
  20. Generate interest for your stuff
  21. Pre-qualify using whatever works for you (i.e. don't get hung up on anyone's method)
  22. Have the selling conversations
  23. Serve those you are duty bound (i.e. they've paid you) to serve
But all this starts by taking that one initial step.

I talk more about this and other things in the instructional video.


Why not? It's the start of the year and we could all do with some help or a kick in the behind mentally.

That's my 1 Thing done for this evening (...more on that too in the video). I don't get to drop in as much as I used to, so for now its wishing you the best of success in 2011.

Yours respectfully,


Click here for the 30 minute tutorial video >>>
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