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Have a client who wants a custom fan page. They don't mind paying $347 for the set up fee, (which also include setting up a Twitter page and linking it)

What I'm trying to figure out, is what services should I offer on the back end that justifies a $200-$250 maintenance fee?

Sent then an e-mail saying that the $347 include Custom FB page + Twitter page, linking the two accounts together, and 30 days of Free consultation and maintenance.

What consultation would you suggest/provide?

What are 3-6 ideas of what constitutes monthly maintenance?

Any suggestions for a list of monthly services?

Thank You Warriors!
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    1. You can manage their inbox and wall posts - getting rid of spam and making sure they receive the important messages.
    2. You can build them a loyal following by constantly getting people to "Like" their page.
    3. You can manage all of the content that they want posted to their page.
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    Well first of all, if it can't be done, don't force it.

    You don't want to look everywhere to find a service to offer just for the sake of doing so unless you can make sure you can add value (in their eyes) and over-deliver...

    But if you do, you can set up and create auto-responders for messaging, broadcast and subscription lead generation as one thing. (I think you can put those on facebook. I seem to remember doing so I think.)

    That's one thing…
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    Definitely get it rolling for them so they see the value. I've recently added turnkey web traffic to my products, including low cost social media traffic for twitter, facebook, youtube with comments, etc.
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    Thanks for the feed back guys.

    Hell based on an article I just read, combined with
    the knowledge you all have provided, I'm thinking
    about changing my package and rates:

    $997 Basic Social Media Start Up

    Includes the set up for the following acccounts:

    FB Fan Page
    You Tube
    4 Square

    $250 - $1000 Monthly Maintenance (Rates are Negatiable)

    -management of all accounts
    (friend interaction, deleteing spammers, monitoring comments and mail)

    -organically growing a loyal friends lists

    -creation of viral campaigns and promotions

    -videomarketing (based on budget)

    -FB advertising (based on budget)

    -basic seo / keyword strategies

    -lead generation via auto responder and sms campaigns

    Pick 2 for $250
    Pick 3 for $500
    Pick 4 for $750
    All Services For $1000


    This is just something I'm toying around with in my head.

    Feel free to add more ideals, as I'm sure we're all open to them.

    P.S. What are some of the target markets that you've been having success with ?
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    I'm about to get into this as well, but people seem to be telling me to charge a paltry $50 a month to maintain. I was thinking of charging a reasonable $100/mo, but one client refused saying it was too pricey.
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  • I'd do $397 and the maintenance fee $139.99 a month updates changes etc.
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