A Report Card - What Key Data Matters Most to Local SMB's?

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I love working with local small businesses. Helping them to attract new customers and retain their existing clients gives me a rush!

This niche which I call LSEM or Local Search Engine Marketing is something I currently work in or study 12 or more hours a day. There are many similarities to SEO, but definite distinctions too.

The reason that I'm starting this thread is ask others that are also working in this niche if you are providing analytics or monthly reporting to your clients and if so, what information is most useful to your clients?

I know that there are many excellent threads on SEO reporting tools, one in particular is: "Which tool to generate initial SEO analysis report for offline client?". But what I'm asking for, is your help to narrow it down to the results that pertain primarily to local search.

Currently I'm doing a screen capture of my clients Google Places dashboard. Plus. I'm also using a spreadsheet to track their primary keywords and logging the results every two weeks. I then give my client a scorecard which tells them if they are moving up or down in the local search rankings.

If you have any report methods that you think would be useful in particular to the LSEM niche, I hope that you'll share it here.


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