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I'm working with someone to create an Excel file that [currently] has 4 sheets. In case you are not familiar with Excel, I basically mean that inside that 1 file there are 4 "pages" (called sheets) each with formulas on them for various things.

In my case, the formulas help with...

Sheet 1 - Basically calculates where a business is at revenue wise, and then you type in some percentages in areas that you (or for your clients business) plan to work on and increase. It then calculates the new numbers.

Sheet 2 - Direct mail calculator.

Sheet 3 - Another direct mail calculator. Obviously different than the other one.

Sheet 4 - Sheet that shows how the power of compounding increases profits. You may have seen a similar sheet in my recent videos that I posted.

Anywho, the guy I'm working with just sent me a draft. Well, actually in his eyes it's the final draft. But I'm going to change it up a little more, mainly in the cosmetics department.

Which brings me to needing beta testers.

I am looking for 4 (already have someone else) Warrior members to help me make it better. Here's what I need...

  • Play around with the file and get a good feel for it.
  • Offer feedback on any errors you found or anything that isn't clear
  • Offer feedback on the overall look of the file. Right now it's ugly and it's driving me nuts. But before I spend any significant time changing all 4 sheets to new colors, I only changed the first one so far. I want to know how you like it. Or, if you don't like it, tell me why and how I can make it better.

So basically, I want you to use the file and then rip it apart. I want it to be as good as it can be. So I'm asking for your feedback.

If you are interested, and agree to provide the feedback I just outlined, please give me your email address (either here or via PM) so I can send the file.

Thank You.

ALSO - What version of Excel are you using?

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    I work with excel and have / do build high end apps for many companies, happy to have a look at for you and give some feed back. / will fire an email on PM

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      Hello, I'm interested and can provide the feedback you are looking for. I use excel frequently and have all the excel versions since 2000.

      Let me know.
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    THANKS! All 3 spots are filled.

    Pete - Thanks again for doing what you are doing.

    Jodi and eyfohtik - I emailed you.
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