Advice me on How to successfully give initial advice to Offline clients

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Hey warriors,

I am about to start my offline IM (SEO, FB Marketing, Webistes) business for my local area and I wanted to test my skills so on saturday I went to talk to a cousine who is a Immigration Lawyer and runs a firm(He also has good idea about Marketing on the Internet).

I imagined a scenario of him being my client and started the talk. I told him what I do and asked if he would be interested in my services for his firm.

He told me that in his area, there are about 12 Law firms and it is very competitive.

THEN he asked me a questions.
  • What I will do for him?
I told him that I will get him more customers.
  • How I would get more customers
I said I will create a marketing plan for his business online and increase his rankings in the search engines. I told him about the number of times his niche is searched for in google and the potential customers he can get even if we convert a small percent of it.
  • He asked me how long it would take to see the results?
I told him I will have to do a competition analysis to give him a rough idea of that.
  • He asked how much it would cost?
I let him know that my services start from $600pm

Then he told me that due to the changes in immigration policies the prospects are looking for other avenues and moving to different countries. He said that those still immigrating are being taken by firms that are bigger and popular than his and have bigger marketing spend. He also said that it was getting even more difficult in the coming months and asked me if I can do anything about it fast?.

I know I had to give him an idea which would be good enough to take the disscussion further and get me the deal, But I could not come up with anything specific.

I just went on and told him that I will rank his website better and do facebook marketing where people are more targeted. I also told him that I will market his business online in forums where people are looking for help in his niche.

Dont know if it is inexperience or just lack of skill, but I think I could not come up with a good idea. I feel like an idiot.
I am sorry for taking the ranting out here but I have a few questions on this.
  1. Firstly, I am going at it correctly?
  2. How do I start the conversation with a new client?
  3. What questions should I be asking them about their business?
  4. What should I ask them about their Competition?
  5. What should be my thought process when meeting them for the first time? (i.e: give them advice intially or just pitch them my sale etc)
  6. What advice can I give them in general so that they like it and call me back? (either for more questions or to talk about the services)
  7. When they ask for a solution to a problem, How do I answer it? How do I approach such spontaneous questions (My cousin asked - If I can do anything about it fast?)
I think most of the answers vary and it depends on the business and time and my pitch, But I would like to hear what you think or would do in those circumstances.

Please dont mind the lengthy post. I appreciate you all taking the time to even read it.

Thanks in advance
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    If I understand you, your question is about the pitch itself, not cold calling to try and get a pitch.

    My best advice for any pitch (from my personal experience of listening to them) is to be as specific as possible. If I can find your advice on page one of a google search for the topic (and I will check) you won't ever hear from me again. Have a really good strategy (not idea, a strategy is specific, fully fleshed out and implementable) that you can have up and running today, if I give the green light. If it is something my competitors or I have done/are doing you are in trouble.

    Another way of saying this is show me, don't tell me. If you want to sell me a website, have a website already made, with my firm's name and phone number in place. Make it a sub-domain and password protect it, so you aren't putting out marketing material I haven't signed off on. Make me, the prospective client, do as little imagining as possible to see the final result.

    Occasionally Relevant.

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    find a company that is easy and do it for them for free. Get client referrals and references from them to start. It is hard to get the 1rst one and a good first client that is happy will pay 100 fold in your future success.
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    Thank You WillDL and FMLLC for taking the time. I have taken notes and will follow your suggestions.
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    Originally Posted by intelboost View Post

    He also said that it was getting even more difficult in the coming months and asked me if I can do anything about it fast?

    I know I had to give him an idea which would be good enough to take the disscussion further and get me the deal, But I could not come up with anything specific.
    Start an adwords campaign for his keywords.

    That's what I do while I'm working on getting a new site to page one. Your attorney will get traffic fast. With attorneys fees what they are these days, he shouldn't have any problems funding the campaign.

    essere ricchi,

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    You didn't do anything wrong, per say. It was a good exchange. As you get more experienced you'll develop your own rhythm and begin to own what you will and will not disclose.

    Your cousins' specific issue was an opportunity for you to learn more about his business and unique needs where as you could have pursued that with him to show and explain more rather you try to come up with what is really a pat answer.

    Do your home work before meeting a client, about his industry and/or his website and ranking. Let them talk.

    I dig deeper with customers by continuing their answers with "...because?" and they fill in the blank. For example, if one says "SEO didn't do anything for me." I lead them to explain ..."because...why?..." Customers will tell you what they need and how you can help them. But you may have to guide them in the process.
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    I always ask:

    Q:How are you currently attracting prospects?
    usually they say the good old Yellow Pages....

    Q;How's that working?
    Not sure

    Q: Just curious, do you know how many people are coming to your site, say per day, per week?

    Well, before we really do anything, I'd like to see how many people are currently
    coming to your site to know where we stand.... sorta like when u talk to financial consultant, they wanna know your current net worth, where you stand, BEFORE they can improve on anything.

    Then you can dramatize it by either looking at Statcounter stats from your site or
    wherever or Google Analytics.

    Q: Well, what if we could start by TRACKING where your current customers are coming from and then maybe we could put some CL ads or AdWords, or whatever.... and track em.

    Hows that sound?

    Then we can go on from there.

    That way you give him something he/she can MEASURE... and it shows PROOF..that
    SOMETHING is happening... and that there will have to be some corrections and such.

    You win their trust incrementally... in increments... and then you offer more services little by little, instead of all at ONCE.



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    Start an adwords campaign for his keywords.
    David, I am not sure if I should go the adwords way. As the CPC is huge in this space & I doubt they will want to spend on marketing with me before I can actually show some results. I will definitely consider this when I am a lil more experienced. Am I thinking right ?

    You didn't do anything wrong, per say. It was a good exchange. As you get more experienced you'll develop your own rhythm and begin to own what you will and will not disclose.
    CreativeGirl, your words encouraging . I need more practise at asking questions and digging deeper into their business. I am introvert kind by nature & it is not helping, but I think I am getting better.

    Hows that sound? Then we can go on from there.
    Jim thanks for the QA style answer. You make it look simple will practise on digging deeper as both of you suggest, just that I am not yet feeling comfortable doing that.

    You guys make this forum special, taking the time to help guys like me.

    Thanks left
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    Hey intelboost,

    All I have to say is this:

    I've been helping offline businesses market themselves online for over five years now.

    And what works over and over is this:

    1. Set up a "review" site targeting their specific keywords and use that site to recommend your client / filter traffic to their primary site. That way you can PRE QUALIFY traffic so by the time they end up on your client's / cousin's site, they're already impressed and eager to learn more / make an inquiry.

    2. Optimize your cousin's / client's site for their target keywords, build enough backlinks to get the site ranked for those keywords, and make sure the site focuses on your cousin's / client's RESULTS.


    It's simple. RESULTS SELL.

    I'd have some video testimonials from normal, ordinary people your cousin has helped on the home page. Not spammy or fake testimonials where you're paying people to say good things. People don't buy those testimonials at all.

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    You should seriously start looking into craigslist posting / marketing for these businesses.
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