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Hi All, hoping someone here has had something like this..
I have a client that needs a pretty complex site...
  • Providing online printing service
  • the site must be able to get/process an order
  • ability to upload art
  • ability to approve proof
  • ability to let the client see progress (though this would just be nice)
I'm hoping some warrior out there has done something similar and can recommend an ready-made system at all, or something close...


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    Hey Pat

    Heres what you do. You find a site exact like the one you want for your client. You go to Vworker, elance or similar and get someone to make it. (Not copy it) Someone from India or Philipines ......whatever.......wont cost you much. Charge your client and the margin is yours.
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    Google "art photo templates" or likewise and I'm sure you'll find what you need. Sorry cannot help you directly. It sounds like your client is looking for an ecommerce template with an automatic process system. I use Themes Gallery | Templatic and can get a good deal on premiums if need be.
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    They can also do further customizing. They can also integrate Variable Data into their Udesign utility

    If it is in their budget I would keep yourself as the middle there will still be some work to do on your part with maintaining stuff and setting up design templates...just bundle all that into your fee including the website company fee.

    I have a brick & mortar print client who I've set up using this service...the websiteforprinters customer support is outstanding.

    There are also some companies who build online design utilites and integrate alot of preflight web to print stuff in them...I think google the term "pageflex" it is one such technology.

    If they do inhouse direct mail they will also want to integrate a list building service utility from one of the major listhouses....I mean there are alot of things that go into a print site...but most of it they can integrate over time.

    Good Luck
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