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Who is this for?

It's for you believe you're doing everything you can but not attracting the type f high paying local business work you want

What is it?

Something you can use in your business marketing and lead generation that is 100% hype-free and makes you credible and believable.

Use this to reach out and attract high-ticket local business clients.

I use it as part of my 'Missing Piece Marketing' system in my business and it coverts very well.

What's 'Missing Piece Marketing?

It's a simple, powerful and effective marketing system I use within my business to focus on providing high-ticket local business clients with the missing pieces of the puzzle they're currently trying to finish.

For instance, imagine I'm a local business owner and I've been trying to complete a project to grow my business. Yu approach me with this 'great idea' about Google Places.

What do you think my response to you is going to be?

Now imagine someone else comes along, i.e. your savvy competitor who knows nothing about 'Offline Marketing Consulting' but knows about addressing local business owner's concerns first and foremost AND they take the time to find out WHAT the business owner is missing right now and would like to resolve

You get the matter what the business owner is facing, they (and we) desire more profits. If you can solve that problem by going the Google places route, then good luck, but my results prove that when you understand what's going on in their head right now (more profits required which you can achieve through helping them uncover hidden profit centers in their business...missing pieces) you'll be more successful consistently

You might be using a form of 'interruption marketing' you've heard about or been taught by your favorite guru and if it works for you that's fine...but if you don't have a guru marketing budget (I don't) and rather than focusing your efforts on the flavor of the day (does 'Google Places come to mind?) simple do what works

Learn from the content and review what you currently do, and then go after those high-paying businesses you've been dreaming about approaching.

Feel free to re-purpose this and use it as you like.

Why You Should Be Looking For More Than Just 'More Customers' To Grow Your Local Business Fast

If you're like most local small business owners, if I asked you the question "What you would like the most in your business?" you would probably answer more customers or more clients. That's a typical answer because more customer or more clients mean you will sell more doesn't it?

Well let me reveal something to you that very few business development and marketing consultants will tell you. In part it's because they don't know themselves and for others, it's because they simply want to give you what they have to offer.

So what should you look for to grow your local business if 'more customers' isn't the answer? Why should you be very careful in your selection of whom to work with to grow your business? Here's why...

The Myth of 'More Customers' and 'More Clients'

You might want 'more customers' or 'more clients' because you believe having more customers or clients will help you grow your business, and to be honest, it could. However, having 'more customers' simply means just that ... 'more customers.' This is why 'more customers' isn't what you should be looking for...

Every local small business owner that I've spoken with or come into contact with agrees with me on some key aspects of their business. I'm sure you will too once you know what they are.

Take the case of one of our clients that had a website for their local business that looked great. I reviewed the site and I can tell you that it provided a l‐o‐t of information about what they do and what they do for their customers.
Is anything wrong with that? Not at all and I can imagine you're probably thinking the same to yourself too, especially if your local business website does the same ‐ but here's the thing.

Your prospects and indeed, your existing and past customers really don't care about you or what you have to offer. They have an 'I don't care' mentality which is natural. What they really care about is themselves. All of us walk around thinking primarily of ourselves and our needs in one way or another - Your prospects and customer or clients are no different.

For some local business owners, this will come as a huge shock, but you might be one of the few that has heard this before (and if you have AND you've taken the right approach to opening up the key areas you'll soon discover within your business, then that's great!) - 'KNOWING' is one thing, DOING is a totally different matter altogether.

In the next part of this business profit explosion e‐course you're going to discover exactly WHAT you should be focusing on in your business that is going to allow you to take more time out from your business and achieve the goals you had when you first started out in business.

The best part is that you will never again be fooled by any sweet‐talking phone‐book or marketing rep because you know what 90% of your competitors don't know ... and I should know.


First, you know how many local business owners dream about growing their business and making it hugely profitable but struggle to make it happen? Well I work with this type of business owner to turn things around using the exact same little‐known methods that work in my small business and will work in yours if you're interested in growing your local business fast (even with the economy as it is).

Watch out for your next training module. It's going to be worth it!

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Have a great weekend!


P.S. As usual, all typos are my gifts to you...
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