Google scrutiny -Shallow content, scraping, maybe spinning too.

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I'm behind on my reading here and elsewhere.

This is from Mattcuts blog Official Google Blog: Google search and search engine spam

Sorry if it has already been discussed. it's from late January

Also, I had customer complain about telemarketing calls from YB and others. He got sick of it and then told them off.

Somehow, they got to his places page for a branch (my guess), and told goog that the business was permanently closed.

Then goog posted "this business is permanently closed" right under the biz name on his biz's places page.

Worked it out with goog. it was a hassle to deal with.

I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop: negative reviews, negative citations etc.

be careful out there about the desparate YB foreign telemarketers .... these were from an 800# and had east asian accent.

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