Call to action on the back of a business card...?

by eshber
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Hey guys, i'm about to get my business cards printed as I'm gonna be going to some network meetings. I was thinking of putting a call to action on the back of the card...only thing is, I'm offering web design and seo services and can't really think of a good call to action that would incorporate both...any ideas?

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    It doesn't necessarily have to incorporate both. It just needs to get their attention. You could apply a statistic which might reveal something about the power of SEO or smart design that they didn't know before.

    You could offer a great introductory deal, or package a
    Set of processes.

    It is good that you are taking this approach because this aspect of your business card is the ONLY part that matters.

    Also- please tell me you aren't getting them at vistaprint. They use low grade flimsy cardstock. There are a number of other vendors with superior quality and price.
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      Your Offer can be a free evaluation. You can evaluate a site's potential for ranking as well as a current website critique for a redesign.
      I wouldn't call it a "free evaluation" necessarily tho.

      You should think about what you want the prospect to do next. Visit your site, fill in a questionaire, etc. So your call to action could include a squeeze page URL and a statement like:

      Is your online presence losing you clients? Discover the 7 most devastating mistakes business owners make online. Free Report and Analysis: http://yoursite.whatever


      Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Business (and you don't even know it)?

      Enter to Win a $297 Marketing Analysis, Plus Get a Copy of My Free Book:

      Instead of a URL (or in addition to it) you could put a QR Code on your business card that leads to a mobile version of your site with an email optin, SMS subscription, or FB page, etc.

      Just having the QR Code on your card will generate curiosity and likely get scanned.

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    I'm leaving my cards pretty simple, nothing too elaborate
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      How about your Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn profile address?
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        Do you have a free report/DVD to offer? An offer to get them on your list would be REALLY useful. Doesn't have to be on the back of your card of course. But that's critical.

        And if you have free room still put in a testimonial or two.

        Ever wondered how copywriters work with their clients? I've answered that very question in detail->
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    Guys I really appreciate your comments! The free report sounds great. Now i need to put something together :/ Where to start, where to start.
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