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Hi I am looking to create a website which is going to be a recruitment agency for the models industry. Quite usual for that industry.

I have a plan for making models capable of ensuring contract with employers of the industry.
I made a business plan for that and I am ready to follow it.

I would like to ask though some things.

First of all I am based in the UK. Is UK a good place for market? I mean is there going to be a high demand taking into account that my business will be successful?

Then I dont know anything about legislation.

I know that an agent who employs models does not take any money from the models but usually a commission from the companies.

Do you have any ideas how to make my name known to those companies and persuade them to have a commission from any model that I will supply to them?

I though another thing. Ask money from the models and through a legal document to state that If they are going to be accepted on any interview then they will have their money back.
What are your opinions about that?

The only thing that I am sure about that business is the fact that i have a plan to make those models really competitive and with a high percentage of being successfully accepted.
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    Some of the big Model sites are international, but the UKaa should be big enough ( just my thought ) . We were thinking of doing an international simialar site. We were going to seo the hell out of it to get it to rank for alot of terms, this would get us the exposure we needed. We also do telemarketing to businesses to tell them we are around and this works across all industries we are in. _ maybe some of this will help
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      Have a think about what you want to achieve - you might not want to compete with the 'big' model agencies, but there are plenty of opportunities to go niche with this market.

      Maybe you want to target glamour models or promo girls (which is a huge market)

      A friend of mine in Australia does exactly what you are talking about for taking commissions and it works very well - one of the best ways to get started is to make contacts with other alliance businesses in the industry who will be able to recommend you to businesses (think photographers, make up artists, hairdressers)
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