Very Simple Yet Powerful Mobile Business Model

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We have so much services we can offer clients, consulting in itself can take us in so many directions, that I think I suffer, as probably a lot of "offliners" here, from the "paradox of choice" - we are stuck because there's so much options out there. And we can confuse our prospects and reps as well with so many possibilities.

Take a look at this simple business model, and please CRITIQUE it, ADD to it, shoot it down, build it up, hit the THANKS button - and let's make some serious CASH!

This business model is inspired by Quentin and his thread. I've added what I feel is a really great step (option #2) to it that becomes the main meat.
It is designed around going FACE TO FACE, dropping in on merchants/businesses, (sounds nasty up to now but read on!), and offering FREE QR Codes with 2 upsell options.

Here are the 3 choices:

1- a good sized QR Code sticker for their window plus a smaller one for their cash register. It features a subtle ad for my services. At first I thought of charging $20, but I think it's better to now offer it for free. Reason explained in part #3.

2- same as option #1, plus a mobile web PAGE on MY .mobi site. Great for smaller companies that don't need mobile sites that bad but are still interested. The QR Code leads to the web page - which includes their logo, phone number, address, link to their "desktop" site if they have one, Google Map, and at the bottom ads for my services and links to my site.
$97 + $37/m for hosting and one change* a month or $57/m for one change a week.

3- same as option #1 plus a mobile SITE. $397 + $37/m for hosting and one change* a month or $57/m for one change a week. Price is for a fairly standard 5 pages sites. Special requests are handled as they come - and I will surely suggest VIDEOS if they don't have one. Extra possible $ right here.

*The changes might include coupons, deals, events, etc., and have to be sent by Wednesday 11h59 PM. All changes will be done on Thursday or Friday. No slaving to urgent demands except for a high fee. I want to build freedom, not a J.O.B.

That would be the model for general type businesses (retail, etc.).

Consider this both a model in itself... and the way to get in the door of more qualified prospects to offer more services.

For real estate agents and businesses that live off people calling them, add SMS services, autoresponders, videos, and a lot more to that list. Buy mostly, keep the choices limited to 3, and add other options AFTER a close or a previous choice was made.

My main goal will always be to convert some of the qualified clients into full blown consulting customers.

Feel free to comment this, and see part #2 for the fun part, the MONEY
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    Part #2 - Potential Income AND Passive Income

    Let’s say the ratio is about 1 merchant out of 8-10 that are interested. It might seem a high number to some, but with the free offer as intro, the “wow” and novelty effect of QR Codes, that’s what I think might happen. Even with lower numbers it will still be worth it.

    Here what the math could look like for 200 merchants visited.

    #----------------------------------- Price Ca$h
    175 not interested or unavailable ****0 ** 0
    11 Free QR codes ************** 0 ** 0
    12 QR codes + web PAGE ********97 1164
    2 QR codes + web SITE ******** 397 * 794
    4 with extra graphics *********** 27 * 108

    200 merchants visited = $ 2066 + $500 / m

    That would amount to $10.33 per merchant visited! At 8 merchants visited per hour, that’s a cool 2K for 25 hours of prospecting! $82.64 /hour. Plus the monthly residuals. Even half of that would be good in my current situation.

    The QR codes and web pages can be done in off times, and going back to the places of the 25 that took the offer might take another 4-6 hours of getting there, showing it to the owner, getting paid, getting REFERRALS. So that’s 30 hours of work in the field. The rest is at our leisure and not that long.

    All in all, in 6 weeks, that’s $12000 PLUS $5000 a month of RECURRING income. Amazing.

    Please shoot this down, critique this, and/or make it even better!
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    Part #3 - Why the FREE offer as introduction

    I suggest offering free QR codes as also suggested by Quentin, because small merchants see 10+ sales rep every single day! It sucks for them, and it sucks for us if we’re doing it in person, because often times, we’re treated as nuisance, and to be truthful, it does bother me (I know from experience, and I’m guessing that’s what prevent most of us of getting in ACTION mode).

    By offering the code for FREE, we can get past the gatekeeper and talk to the owner more easily. After all we GIVE IT to them! And QR Codes are really easily explained in person, and have a “wow” factor to them. With the free approach, we can showcase them… and the web pages/sites as well. And, our angle and other reason to make it free, is that we have our own code/website featured in the lower end corner. Basically, “I’ll give it to you for free if you let my own company promote itself in the lower end corner”. Makes sense to them instead of looking scammy (who really does anything for free for total strangers? I mean come on).

    I figured if I had sold 10 codes at $20 I’d made $200 but would have certainly lost a few web page sales since the owner/gatekeeper wouldn’t even want to see another sales pitch. While with a free offer to get in the door, we can talk to and close a lot more owners. Even one more sale per week at $97 + $37 a month is a better deal. To say nothing of our advertisement, that will be featured on more windows.
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    Part #4 - Leveraging & Hiring HIGH COMMISSION Sales Rep(s)

    Now, many of us don’t like selling – though with these numbers what’s the excuse (that’s what I’m telling myself right now to kick my own butt – 6 weeks and I’m financially free, not wealthy but FREE in the 4 hour work week approach).

    To add to our own effort and/or have other people do it for us, we can hire sales rep, and pay them HIGH commissions.

    A rep would sell
    QR codes for $20 (instead of free), and keep $15
    QR codes + web PAGE for $97 and keep $50
    QR codes + web SITE for $397 and keep $150

    They wouldn’t have to go back to the merchants who took them on an offer, I would, to see any potential upsells that could benefit the merchant. Of course the rep does not have to build the codes or sites, they can concentrate on sales.

    All in all, they’d keep about half of the money made for their prospecting, which is a VERY good potential income to attract and keep the driven, and yet with half the front end money for us, and ALL the recurring income, plus potential upsells, it’s a win-win IMO.

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    That's some pretty great stuff their not real sure about the numbers But I really appreciated your thoughts the biggest problem I see is getting to the owner to make it work

    Thanks for sharing
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      Originally Posted by neford View Post

      That's some pretty great stuff their not real sure about the numbers But I really appreciated your thoughts the biggest problem I see is getting to the owner to make it work

      Thanks for sharing
      It's often times tough to get to the owners/decision makers as they are swamped with sales rep barging in like we plan to do, that's why the FREE offer is a great foot in the door, that plus the 30 second demonstration of the QR Codes to the gatekeeper.

      In fact, I forgot to put in the time frame that sometimes the decision maker won't be there or unable or unwilling to see us then, but after the demonstration to the gatekeeper has won him/her over, we can leave something and follow up, at least by phone.

      I'm trying to figure out what the "something" to leave would be. Maybe a postal card that leads to a video explanation on the web, or simple bullet points + a QR Code + scanning procedures. Maybe a sample window sticker.

      Then again, if you look at my numbers above, only 14 out of 200 will pay us something, so it is a numbers game. With this scenario we get 175 NOs and give out 11 free QR Codes stickers (that at least features advertisement for ourselves) for 10 small sales and 2 bigger ones.

      That IS mentally draining and impossible for most non-salesly person to follow through - UNLESS we remember the NUMBERS. The one l like best is the $10.33 average per merchant visited (whether they say yes or no).

      How many 10 bucks will you chose to go after today?
      How bad do you want to have 5K+ coming in month after month?

      Many people in retirement don't have that after 40 years yet we can do it in under 2 months - if my numbers are realistic. I won't know till I do it, and that's why I want you guys' input, even if it's to see flaws I have missed.
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    You give some great food for thought....thanks for sharing. I have been looking into mobile marketing and how to attack it.
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      Originally Posted by SDotSpells View Post

      You give some great food for thought....thanks for sharing. I have been looking into mobile marketing and how to attack it.
      I had been looking for ways as well to get into mobile marketing, and I just had a "ha-ha" moment with this idea. It's so simple it's ridiculous. I got an Android phone just 2 weeks ago, never cared for iPhones, apps and all that before. Used text messages once in a blue moon.

      Yet I can do this easily. I mean the tech part is dumb easy. It's a sales model, with a very fast delivery and low entry fees. And low maintenance yet with recurring income.

      My goal is real consulting (not just internet stuff or selling commodities, but global management consulting). But this could be as lucrative, and introduce me to potential clients for consulting I wouldn't have contacted otherwise.

      I admit that I also want to know about SMS list building with "text keywords" and such, as it also seems very simple, and can provide great value to merchants, and we can charge a lot more.

      It fits right in with everything above, and by targeting real restate agents, I'm sure the closing ratio is very high as it's so useful for them.

      But I plan on doing the method outlined above first, keep it simple, get my feet wet, finally get some RESULTS - NOW. At the same time trying to recruit reps to do it while I target easier clients such as referrals and real estate agents.
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        You had a great idea on how to tackle mobile marketing for local businesses. I have tons of questions since im starting out this type of business also specially with QR codes and SMS marketing.

        How is your goal so far? Are you close to it? Did you ever get to hire a sales representative? How do you approach the gatekeeper before you show the free QR Code?
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