Help me choose a logo!

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Which logo do you guys like better?

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    second one hands down if those are my only two choices.
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    Second one by far, first one looks like a child's drawing (no offense).

    The second just also has the "business" look to it, if you know what I'm saying.
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    Originally Posted by Taktical View Post

    Which logo do you guys like better?

    I like the roundness and the motto of the first image, and the font of the second logo. Combined would be awesome.
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      The second one looks much more professional
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          Second one, definitely. Preferably with the tag line from the first logo under it. Best of both worlds that way.
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            I prefer the second logo design! Good Luck!
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  • Is there a "non of the above" option? Neither one looks very professional -- but I'm not sure exactly what look you're going for.
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    Prefer the 2nd one, however, I suggest the subtitle to slightly change to say:

    Solutions Company

    If you say Solution Company, i.e. singular, it sounds to me like you are selling some sort of detergent or liquid of some kind.

    If you say Solutions i.e. plural, it implies that you are there to resolve issues...
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    I like Number 2!

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    The Second 1

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      I would go with the third option. I do logo design and an idea struck out immediately, partly because I'm a competitive sailor. Tactics is a huge part of sailing.

      Tactics allow you to get to where you want to be and execute a strategy. Tactics are changes you make along the way in response to competition, environment etc. Rarely are you able to get to your destination in a straight line.

      As such, here's my idea…

      Place a vertical zigzag between "Tal" and "tical" to represent tactics. Use a part of the zigzag to match up with the "l" to complete a "k"

      It's a brilliant idea :-)


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    I like the second one, but the background and the red are both too close to the same color value. It's hard to read. One or the other needs to be lighter.
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      I figured I would quickly illustrate my concept. Personally, I love it


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    I like the 2nd one
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