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Hi there, if you're having trouble with setting appointments and sales in your offline business ... then read here for some tips. This is also part of the action I took to start my business.

MOST of you have a Goldmine right in your front yard. Some of you pay for your goldmine and don't see a return on your money!

Don't know what I'm talking about? If YOU have a mailbox, whether it's in your frontyard or you lease it from the USPS then how about making it pay you back?

1. Start collecting ALL direct mail advertisements that you receive daily!

*post cards
*coupons in envelopes
*coupon books/magazines

keep them in a binder or folder.

2. Make a list of ALL the local businesses that are advertising.

3. Do a little research online.
Look to see if they have a website.
If they don't ... Bingo ... you can sell/offer them one!

4. If they have a website ... they most likely do NOT have a mobile site.
Guess what? YOU can provide this service too!

5. Do they have a website and no video? Are they a retail store (hair salon, spa, restaurant, dry cleaner?) Are they a professional (Doctor, Chiropractor, Dentist, Vetirinarian, Attorney, CPA?) Wouldn't it make sense for them to CONNECT with their audience via a video? You can also provide this service too!

6. If they have a website, you can look for their phone#, owner's name or manager AND email contact info (if you're a bit shy ... and want to get your feet wet in the offline world, you can send them an Intro Letter/email).

7. Not shy? Feeling confident and have that "I CAN DO THIS" attitude? Want to collect a paycheck in 72 hours? GREAT pick up the phone and call them!

This is a sinppet of what you can say:

"Good afternoon, may I speak to the person (if you have the owner or manager's name use it!) in charge of marketing please?"

They'll ask, "who's calling?"

You reply:

"This is (Your Name), I'm the Local Business Consultant for the (hometown you live in) and I have some information I'd like to give them about (business name)."

If they say, I'm sorry ... they're not available, then YOU say ... "Ok, please provide me with their email address so I can send them some vital business information that will help them."

"thanks for the email address and what is his/her name, so I can address this to them?"

BINGO ... now you have WAY more info than you did before you started and the DECISION maker's name.

I hope this helps each of you or inspires you in some way. Remember, put YOUR flavor into this. The Offline Consulting world is ALL about what you can do for the business owner AND relationshiop building!!! If they like you, they will begin to trust you and they will hire you to provide valuable services!! They WILL also send you referrals!!

This is how I've built the majority of my business since 2009 and it's STILL working. There's NO guarantee, however, if you take action and contact at least 20 business per day, Mon-Fri ... you will begin to build a business pipeline that PAYS you!!

Let me know if you have any questions.


I am thinking about doing a more detailed WSO including call sripts and letters that I use in my offline business. If you're interested drop me a line

Get Excited ... how can you expect your prospect or business owner to be excited if you're whispering on the phone or don't sound happy to speak to them? Get excited, stay excited and get your positive attitude in order. YOU are there to help their business GROW!!
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