How to rank a client's website for multiple cities?

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So I have this one client and so far I have been able to get them 1st page rankings for their niche and the city that they are located. I have optimized their homepage for a combination of "keyword city, city keyword, keyword in city, etc". Also they have 6 internal pages focused on a different keyword and they are ranking on page 1 for all 6 internal pages for a combo of that particular page keyword and their city (same thing as the homepage). I have done onpage and offpage optimization focusing on the city they are located and respective keyword combinations for homepage and 6 internal pages.

So now they want to rank for multiple cities within a 20 mile radius (like 10-12 cities) of them for same keywords, but with those city names as part of the keyword. So what is the best way to approach this?

What I have so far is added a sentence to their homepage and the 6 internal pages using the 10 or so cities. I have also added the additional cities to meta keywords. So do I need to add a new page for each city now or will that produce duplicate content since only the city names wil be switched? But that would also cause another issue in that I would need to add so much content since that would be 7 pages and each one optimized for 10 more cities. So what is best solution here? Would just building backlinks to each page using the new cities be a way to do it

Any suggestions?
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    Anyone have any insight on this?

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      I asked the same question but no straight answer. Maybe someone can tell us this time?
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        Originally Posted by David B. View Post

        I asked the same question but no straight answer. Maybe someone can tell us this time?
        Ya hope someone chimes in since so many people are doing offline here and have so much experiemce.

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    What does the competition look like? Is it tough? Backlinks by themselves will do it.

    However, what I do for any, and all local pages, is I make sure to have the main keyword in the title, along with the secondary keywords(other cities), and distribute that throughout the site. If you have to add additional pages, then do so! Also, make sure your keyword tags are present, even though google doesn't really use it, just do it. Another thing is for the keywords you want to rank, use the h1, h2 tags as well as strong and em tags.

    Make sure you don't have duplicate title tags on your site, as well as content. Additional pages will help you greatly.
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    I would set them up as separate sections of the main site, not as subdomains.

    I would set everything up so that users could browse the site in two different ways, either by service, or by city.

    Then link each service to the service/city combos, and do the same for the city pages.
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      I do basically what IAmNameless is suggesting. The key is the first question: what's the competition like? If there is a decent bit, just make a new page with "cityname2 keyword" as the title. If there is no competition, sprinkle that second city name throughout the main article along with cityname1
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