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Why buy ebooks if you can get the info for free.

My thoughts: If your afraid of coldcalling then your not even close to a businessman and imo you should go find anohter hobby.

Here my simple step plan:

1: Select a real business niche
2: Write down the company's in the sponsored links, they pay for Adsense
3: Google these company's in the normal list
4: Write down the company's that you can't find in the normal search list
5: Call them right away and offer your services.

A phonecall could go like this:

Good afternoon

Your speaking with J.Johnson from Johnson Web Marketing. We noticed that you use Adsense to advertise your business and thus making recurring montly costs. What you think if we could put your list at page1 without having to use sponsored links for a one time fee, so you'll safe yourself a lot of money on Adsense and attract even more customers cause people tend to ignore the sponsored lists.

We offer this service on no cure no pay base for only $xxx,-
] (dont use this exact intro as I'm not a native English speaker but I guess you got the idea)

Most common answer you will get from the company man, oh that sounds really interesting, followed by a couple of questions if they are truelly interested, and most of the time they ask to send some extra info on the mail. Send the mail and wait to get your order. Don't you hear anything, call them back in a week to remind them. They might have missed the mail or there secretary might have removed it as she thought it is spam or whatever.

Sidenote: I called my first company yesterday and achieved an order for 250 euro. Probably I'll spent about 3hrs and $50 on outsourced linkbuilding to get him to page1, easy money

Also speak to people you know who run businesses, I just talked to my landlord and offered him an extreme low price of 100 euro. I did this cause he has tons of business accociates where he can promote my service where I can charge the full price too.

Don't be afraid, just act! The worse thing that can happen is that they say no but mostly they simply can't refuse this offer as it saves them a lot of money.
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    I am learning this the hard way..I just entered into a membership site and am finding pretty much EVERYTHING I need to know through tutorials on Youtube..FOR FREE!! but this membership site does have very great resources and discounted services for the members so it's still worth it, it's just easier for me to learn some things from youtube and also, I'm VERY afraid of cold calling although I held 2 telemarketing jobs and did GREAT, but I absolutely HATED it. Once I start making a steady income I will outsource that part because if I learned anything from John Durham, it's that telemarketing works!! lol
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      Yes you can outsource it very easy as well, in fact I asked my female roommate to do the cold calling, and I'll try to teach her everything thats relevant to a customer.

      But before you outsource you have to do some calling yourself so you know what kind of questions to expect.

      Also keep this in mind: Why would you hate promoting your own products? If you work as telemarketeer you just have to sell whatever they want you to sell, and this could be crappy products. I sure hope your not going to sell stuff you don't stand behind with full confidence.
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        Good strategy!

        I think you mean Adwords instead of Adsense though..
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        • Hi and thanks for this strategy, it's really good, probably also for my country where I can work better and fast than in any other.

          I'm also in accord with you about recalling people after a week, in fact I'm scared about being considered a spammer instead of a business man

          Thank you very much and see you for updates by my side.
          Alessandro Zamboni
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    Most usually business owners simply don't hear what you're saying, they are tired of pitching. Same thing with email, the % of people actually reading it... it's very low.

    At least, that's my personal experience with these methods.

    But good to know it's working for you - Keep it up!

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      Yes I meant Adwords

      Imagine a customer accuses us of spamming him. Your typical reply "could be". Dude who the hell is spamming here, with your unwanted Google sponsored links crap that everybody ignores.

      Anyway, little info about my follow up plan:

      - Call them again in a week, they might say, no not interested, my nephew can also do this for me, blablabla nonense, we know they won't make any progress, but they might be really convinced it's that easy, as we offer it for such low $$$

      - Write down there site and check it in about 2 months and call them again if they didnt made any progress and confront them with that fact. (try to do this in a polite way). You could also point them at the fact that most people ignore the Adwords adds and that he could have made a lot of extra sales already if he went into business with us. (I haven't figured out how this last conversation should go like, I think being a little rude might be okay, not sure ). I think you could also say something like: "I beleive your nephew is real capable of building websites but ranking it up in Google is a whole different ballgame, so even when your nephew has time to start on it, it's still no guarantee that you will move up and in the meanwhile your burning money on missing out on potential customers that end up with your concurrents.
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      Originally Posted by Fernando Veloso View Post

      Most usually business owners simply don't hear what you're saying, they are tired of pitching. Same thing with email, the % of people actually reading it... it's very low.

      At least, that's my personal experience with these methods.

      But good to know it's working for you - Keep it up!

      Back in the days when I runned my own offline business I was called a dozen times by internet marketeers, however they always offered a service like: "We will optimize your Adwords campaign to save you money" And came up with some budget plan of $1000,- of which $300 a month would go to them. Yeah if you bring it in such way people will surely think like: get the **** out of here as thats the exact thing that I told them.

      However when you can replace monthly recurring costs with a one time fee, I would say they should be all ears and eye's as you are literally cutting them on expenses. It's very important to be convincing, thats why it might be hard to outsource this to others. They dont have the passion for this, they only think about there $/hour.
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    I have found that some of the same principles I use for marketing/sourcing business for typical online website marketing work really well in the offline world.

    As we all know, the use of some FREE or significantly discounted product/service/report works really well to turn a prospect into a lead. . which then makes it easy to move them to a paying customer.

    I take this same approach when doing offline activity. Rather than waste time prospecting and cold calling and making presentations, etc., just come up with one defined NEED (from businesses perspective. . SERVICE from you perspective) that a particular business has or can use and see an immediate benefit.

    Sell that need or better yet, offer some component of it for FREE or at a significant discount. Think of it as a marketing cost. It will lead to more business.


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    Originally Posted by seoman76 View Post

    My thoughts: If your afraid of coldcalling then your not even close to a businessman and imo you should go find anohter hobby.
    Or you can learn how to market better.

    The continuous cold calling techniques make you work by pennies of a dollar, divide the amount of money you get for each client by the time you invest in (looking for it, calling them, "forcing" them to see you, setting an appointment, being rejected 90% of the times and closing just maybe 3% in the spot) them, you need to learn how to market better.... not harder

    Very respectfully.
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    I guess that is smart enough and what is the statistics of the plan? did you applied it and got success?
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