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It's that time again! Time to shop for a new phone and I'm pretty set on one of the droids, but which one? Any of you have any suggestions on one? Or if you have REALLY strong opinions on a different option please let me know, with details please. My current plan is verizon, which I know they have added iphone, but I am still fairly sure I will go droid route.
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    I like the HTC Desire.

    Pretty well just as good as the iphone with added benefits.

    Here is a great comparison between the Iphone, Desire and Galaxy which are the top smartphones around.

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    HTC desire! I own it myself and its the best phone i've ever owned

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      Get the HTC Evo. I bought one last month. Thought I wouldn't like the size of it. I was wrong. The thing is freaking amazing.

      My brother has an iPhone. I'm so used to the EVO now that the iPhone feels like a puny little POS in my hand.
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        The HTC Thunderbolt is coming out soon and it has quite a bit more hardware than the HTC Desire.

        I'm upgrading, too, and I'm waiting for the Thunderbolt to come out. I think that'll be a good phone I can use for a few years. I'll be patient while the dual-core phones all set in and become standard.
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          Dell Streeeeeeak Love it

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            Originally Posted by cashmagnet View Post

            Dell Streeeeeeak Love it
            Dell Streak here as well... 5" screen is a blessing when showing videos or doing google searches in front of potential clients. I'm 6'2", so it is very "pants-pocketable" for me -- but slides into my jacket pocket easily.

            It's AT&T, being sold at BestBuy for $50 and well worth trying (30 day trial). It was being sold with Android 1.6, but I think the upgrades to 2.2 have started rolling out.

            I upgraded myself several weeks ago; Pocketables.net forums will show you how to get to Froyo easily for an even better experience!
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    My opinion Motorola Droid X is best droid i am using it.
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    I'm using Motorola Droid, it's "ok".. I suggest you check out the new motorola droid series with hd recording.
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    I have been a droid owner for a few months now, was on Palm. It is a great phone and I am about 90% happy with it. Functions are fine but needs rebooted some times and I some how bump buttons and turn it on from time to time which I don't understand ( touch screen ).

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    I have a samsung vibrant and LOVE it!
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    If you like the Droids and Motorola, the Motorola Bionic will be out in a few months. If you like HTC Sense (quite popular) do what I'm doing (hopefully soon) and get the HTC Thunderbolt when it's released in a few weeks. (No official date yet.)

    THAT sucker is awesome by all accounts. It ain't dual core, but it sure doesn't need it right now!
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    And why did I thinking my decision would be easier after asking on here? Haha! Thanks guys, it just goes to show of fast I get out of touch when I only upgrade every 2 years.
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    Droid 2 Global easily.
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    HTC EVO! I'm on my second one because I wrecked my first one. I love the EVO! Plenty of storage and plenty of memory! The screen is awesome and the size is perfect for playing games and watching videos or movies.

    And of course its running Droidware for the OS so it is compatible with thousands of apps from the app market! Its the pimpest phone on this mudball!
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    Samsung Galaxy S is best Droid Phone.
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    Another vote for the HTC Thunderbolt here!

    However, since it's still not out, I'm also keeping an eye on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

    Those are the two beastly phones so I'd say hold off for now until one of those is out.
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    A Droid phone uses the generic Google OS system and has some extra bonuses like being able to swap batteries, save things to a storage card rather than the phone storage and much more.

    iPhone 4 vs. Droid X: How do they compare? - CSMonitor.com

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    HTC Desire HD!

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    alot are saying HTC but ive heard in USA its the Galaxy S the top phone but i guess the battery life isint that good.

    im in the middle of choosing between Galaxy S or the Blackberry Torch

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    I've got the Motorola Defy -- Brilliant bit of kit. And if, you're like me and, you're clumsy, then the phone is PERFECT for you.
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    I've heard great things about the HTC EVO 4G. I've been tempted to change over from my Blackberry...but my BB has always been reliable and never let me down
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    I have the Epic 4G, but my wife has the Evo. I was torn when I bought the Epic instead of the Evo, but decided to go with it because it has a full keyboard, and I am still not that good at typing with the touchscreen. However, the Evo would have been my choice if I hadn't wanted the keyboard.

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    I have the original Droid and I loved it...until my girlfriend got the Iphone. I am so depressed that phone is so sweet. I am the technology buff in our relationship and the iphone is so nice and easy to use. So, I love my droid, but when the Iphone 5 comes out, I am jumping all over that one.

    I know that I didn't answer the droid question exactly, but...just saying. Also, I hate Apple. I think most owners are cult worshipers, but, I will quitely buy the Iphone next.
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      Samsung Galaxy S.......great phone

      There are 2 types of people in this world....those who get it and those who don't. The ones that get it know exactly what we are talking about. The ones who don't are left scratching their heads.

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