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I have to admit I haven't really been interested in QR codes much, but after seeing this new data and how much more common they're becoming, I think it's time I got educated!

Who's Really Scanning All Those QR Codes?

Do any of those stats surprise you?

Hope this'll help some of you sell more QR codes to local businesses!


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    Thanks for the link! I'm going to show this to a few of my clients. I feel that QR codes are one big company away from being huge in the US (think QR codes on every Starbucks cup). As long is it comes with an easy two liner explanation on how and why to scan them.

    Has anyone used Likify dot net yet? (sorry cant post links yet)
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    Glad you found it helpful TJ!

    Here's another site I just found with some links to major brands with examples of how they're using QR - should be good social proof to show your prospects.

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      Thanks for the links Steve. I've been looking at QR codes this week and am going to test them out on a couple of clients. Also going to get myself some for my website, just for experimentation purposes. Not sure what value they will be until QR scanning becomes less geek and more mainstream but won't do any harm to experiment.
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  • Profile picture of the author Will Perkins
    Nice little read, I have to admit.

    Found it rather funny about all the QR codes in Japan, I honestly had no idea.

    Thanks Steve
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  • HI Steve,

    Thanks for that information - it's always nice to learn something about QR codes... Some clients seem to really like them, most just don't seem to get the point...
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