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Is there any chance that Google is doing some tweaking or something today that is temporarily messing with the Places listings? Here's the situation that makes me ask:

I'm an SEO for an Indianapolis Ford dealer. Up until this morning, we were in spot D on the first page for the term "indianapolis ford." Today, we are somewhere around spot I on the 3rd page of Places results. But, the reason that I think it's some kind of temporary thing is because all of the listings that were previously on the first page with us were bumped down to the third page along with us, still in the same order. The three pages that were ahead of us on the first page are still the three places ahead of us on the third page.

Also, for all of us that got bumped to the third page, the Places results is showing the business name from the actual Places page as the title (on the results page), instead or the website title (title for This is not the case for the Pages that have been moved to the front page today. Their results title still shows as the title or their web page instead of their business name from their Places page.

Any ideas? I can't help but think this is just some type of temporary thing since it happened equally to the other sites.:confused::confused::confused:
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    Who Knows .... Google has a mind of its own ....:confused:

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    I too have noticed some recent activity on Google as of last week, so hopefully it is just a temporary thing.
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    google keeps on changing something or the other everytime...its really difficult to keep walking with it...
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    • BTW most of the bugs I mentioned blogging about a couple days ago appear to be fixed. But I think there still may be one that forces you to re-verify even if you already have. Then when you try to verify like they tell you to, there is nowhere to verify.

      As far as rankings I haven't even had time to ck the past couple days so not sure how much G is shaking things up in that respect.

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        I found trying to understand Google is like trying to ride a Bronco Bull. You just have to learn how to hang on and ride it out. Google uses this bucking process to throw off those who no longer fit their mold. The confusing part is their mold is always changing ... Who Knew?

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