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I want to create GP for local businesses. What are acceptable types of telephone number to use without getting penalized.

That is, is anyone using Google Voice on Google Places?

I started thinking about using a paid local service but I am afraid Google will penalize you for using it.
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    A local phone number is the best, not sure if the only one accepted, but the best for results. No 1-800 numbers or something like that. Also the address is important ( No PO box).
    Maybe can get a local forwading number, never tried it though.
    I saw somewhere a way to track google places traffic in google analytics, but it was a little confusing for me.
    Also asking your customers how did they find you is important and a different way to track results.
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      well i am actually renting local number from a service like callfire. But I was wondering if it was the reason I was unable to do phone verification today.

      But it seems that they are cracking down on new listing regarding verification recently.
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      :confused:sorry,I would like to known the answer,too.
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    Rent a local phone number where they tell you when anyone phones that number. works for uk, I am sure US and other places would have similar.
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