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Hi All,

I am just starting my own offline web design business in the UK. My main prospects are going to be tradesman such as plumbers, electricians and general builders etc.

Now although I am very computer literate and ran my own e-mail marketing company for 3 years and know my way around a computer I have never designed a website.

I do however have some very basic knowledge on wordpress and have a friend who uses it a lot.

My plan would be to pay a freelancer in India or simillar a very low amount of money to create a custom wordpress template, setting up the backend so modifications can be made easily by me:

Mods such as - Logo change, colour scheme, pics changed, text changed etc etc.

I could then set-up the hosting etc and just alter the template for each client.


How easy is it to change everything as mentioned above with little or no experience?

Also am I doing it the right way or would I be better purchasing something like woo-themes package of themes and using them?

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    That stuff isn't hard to change in Wordpress but if you don't have any design experience just why not outsource the entire thing.

    You concentrate on getting clients while your outsourcer builds the sites.
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    It will sort of depend how extensive your websites will be.

    You can use a service like to create your themes pretty easily then you have full control over the whole process.

    I can do all the work if you want but not as cheap as India.

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    I absolutely love wordpress and while you can do a lot with the default 2010 theme, take a look at 2010 weaver to make customizing it even easier.

    If you want some real killer themes though, spending $30 - $40 at themeforest will get you a great looking theme that looks like a thousand bucks.


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      - How much do you think it would cost to outsource that? I can't speak for other themes, but the one I use has a very simple backend for most of the changes you mentioned. Its so simple that I would out of a job if my clients saw it. lol.
      Check my sig - Yes, Its an affiliate link, but it really is the only theme I use.

      Aside from that - there are a couple of WSO's that feature "tradesman" sites ready to go. Might be a good option to start with.
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