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I need help understanding the web hosting site of the business. I am currently using 1 server and adding my new clients as addon domains. Will my clients load speeds get slower as I addon more domains?

What is the correct method of hosting clients websites?

Do I need a new hosting account after I addon x number of clients to the server?

Thanks in advance
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    By "server" do you mean shared hosting account? Or do you mean an actual dedicated server that costs ~$150.00+ a month?

    You need at the minimum a reseller hosting account, and you setup each client under their own cPanel account in WHM (assuming you're using cPanel, Plesk and Enkompass are different).
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    Yes shared hosting account. But the question still remains, the more clients you add to a shared hosting with or without WHM, does it slow down load speed?
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    In theory, every web site you add to a shared hosting account will slow down the loading process.

    However, you're talking about nano seconds. In other words, you won't notice the difference.

    Many shared hosting accounts already have hundreds, if not thousands of domains on that server.

    Thinking about problems like this, are the little stumbling blocks that will cut into your creative thought process.

    You're worrying about a problem that may, or may not ever happen, however if it does, you can solve it with one phone call and 5 minutes of work.
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    Thanks, that was the answer I was looking for.
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    I'm not sure what host you're with, but if you're using a shared hosting account for your clients as sub-domains, you're breaking their ToS. So if randomly one day your site and everything is shut down, you'll know why.

    I'd recommend upgrading to a reseller plan, with HostGator or someone of the like, to avoid any possible issues.

    But yes as for the loading speed, it won't affect it. I've had over 75 domains with sites on a shared account before, none of them were affected speed wise.
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