I made a new client today just talking...

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I'm helping a friend do some major repairs on his swimming pool...it's not just any swimming pool, it's his business and it's freaking huge. 20K square feet and 400K gallons of water!

But that's not the point...the repair we needed required 25 yards of concrete being shot into place by a specialized process known as "shotcrete".

Turns out there are only a few peeps in the country that do this specialized thingy and my friend was freaking cause he couldn't find anyone to do it.

I did about 2 hours of search (hey, he's a friend of 35 years) and finally found about 5 "companies" that were in our area (200 miles).

He contacted them all and only two responded. The prices were so diverse we were almost afraid of the "low bid", but we contacted them and they turned out to be awesome!

In the course of conversation over a few beers after we were done, the dude asked "How did you find us?"

I told him "it wasn't easy", you were no where to be found for the search terms i used...

and he says "search terms?"

long story short, he did a bang up job, my friend paid him twice his asking price for the job, we're all happy, and he offered me a grand to get him found!

I told him I don't want to build him a new website (he's got one), I just want to get the one he's got found by google...

SO, we shot 25 yards of concrete, had a few beers, I'm so tired I can't move...but I made $1000 above and beyond the money my friend paid me for just being there and making sure **** went smooth.

gotta love this offline stuff!
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    That's awesome. As your sig says opportunity was waiting. As a side note I used to plaster pools, no fun work in pools until they are done. Congrats.
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      That's a big pool.......

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        Originally Posted by FreeBird85 View Post

        That's a big pool.......
        I was thinking the same thing.... O.O

        But congrats on the client, amazing how simple conversations like that can bring us offliners business.
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    I did the same thing. I was walking out to my car and the pressure washing guy was out there doing his thing. I just asked how it was going and the next thing you know I was showing him my videos on my phone. Apparently he is ranked number one in my town. He did all of his own SEO work, but he wants a commercial that makes him look professional.

    Not only was he doing his own seo, he got his ranking to number one on google, he designed his own website, designed his own business cards and shot his own video. It doesn't look professional but he tells me he's swamped with work.

    You never know what you can learn from a random conversation.

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    Sweet deal! Congratz on getting this client soon you will have this huge swimming pool in your yard.
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