Google Places - What happens if the business only has a cell number?

by eshber
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Is there anyway around having to wait 2 weeks for a verification postcard from google? As they don't verify the google places listing on cell phones.
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    Yes, there are plenty of ways around it - as long as you didn't already set a places listing up.

    Here's their page explaining the verification process:
    Verification options : Add and verify a listing - Google Places Help

    If you notice, they've already given you hints on how to get around it.
    Not all verification options may be available due to several reasons:
    • The mailing address or the phone number do not match the listing, meaning our records indicate different information than what you are providing
    • Too many businesses have been verified with the same phone number or the same address
    I highlighted the relevant parts. Using those points, they practically tell you that all they care about are numbers and addresses matching up to their locations.

    So, since you don't have a physical address, you can get around this very easily.

    Do one of these:
    • Sign up for a UPS mailbox in that city so you get a street address.
    • Sign up for a Virtual Office solution in the city you want and let them act as your address.

    Then, buy a phone number in that city with the same area code as your address. You can do this multiple ways, and Google Voice will even let you get a number with an area code you specify.

    Doing that should let you phone verify.
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    Business has a physical address but not a landline number. They only have a cellphone/ mobile telephone number.
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