How to set up an autoresponder for a client?

by BradB
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I understand the idea of getting a Reseller account for hosting but what can you do along the same lines with an auto responder?

Has anyone done this?

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    I have an aweber account, I just create a list for them on my account. I tell them straight up that they can get their own account, but "normal" customers often don't get the idea till it starts producing results. The cost for that is in my monthly management btw. If their list were to get over 500 large, well then I would have to have another talk with them - but I have yet to see this happen on my end. It certainly can happen.

    So have them choose an email, hook it to an Aweber account and set up the autoresponse - pretty easy I think. Also, and I totally just wrote about this a second ago - most hosting services have a auto response setup in the cpanel area. Just assign the email and plant the standardized message.

    Usually when you hosting their site as a sort of reseller, you also have access to the email account associated with that URL. Is that what you are wondering about?
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      I thought about putting clients on my account...but if the client later goes elsewhere...can Aweber tranfer the list over to another account? Seems the client will have to get everyone to opt in again?
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        I have not done this myself, but I recall seeing it when I was setting up lists. You can transfer a list and there are options about telling everyone that they have been transferred over. The main thing I think is that if the author is essentially sending out the same content, no one will recognize the changeover. So there is a quick way to do it that is touchy on the ethics, but as long as you are not spamming I can't imagine it coming up. Especially if it is a local business who is just sending out coupons or slim ads to pre-existing clients and prospects.

        Bottom line is I know you can do it, it has never come up for me because I just include it in my pricing to manage it for them and it rarely causes a problem. And I am pretty sure there is a simple solution. For instance, they need to "prune" the list anyway. Tell them to send out an offer that causes the list to signup again. Those who don't are not really "lost" they have been weeded out. So it is also a "service" you are offering as an email "campaign".
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    There is a "White Label" version of Aweber. Can't remember.


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      Originally Posted by Hugh View Post

      There is a "White Label" version of Aweber. Can't remember.


      There are a few,this search phrase (in quotes) should pull some up:

      "Each plan includes unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow ups, unlimited broadcasts, and unlimited campaigns."
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        You can set up an autoresponder in your own AWEBER account, but remember to change the send from email address and also direct the notification email to your client's email inbox.

        The problem comes when you "let go" of your client's subscriber list. Remember that most email "transfer" policies of other autoresponder companies require a "double" opt in to a new list. That is when you have to notify all your current subscribers to "opt in" again to the new list. You will have people dropping off during that process.
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          Thanks Grin that is what i was talking about.

          I have personally transferred from one account to another and my decent sized list,.....well it shrunk a bit :-(
          I was thinking ahead a bit but have to admit that when doing a numbers crunch with the niches involved in the offline world we are not talking the same kind of numbers we have seen in Niche marketing or IM affiliate stuffs.

          Some of these guys are delirious over a few new people a day??!!
          Am I in freaking heaven here or what??!!

          The auto responder attached to the hosting will be more than enough unless I get these campaigns to do smokin good and if that happens I'll have no problemo convincing them to get their own autoresponder and let me control it.


          But still there should be a responder that takes this into account somewhere.....or is this niche still too green??

          See Ya.
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            Originally Posted by BradB View Post

            But still there should be a responder that takes this into account somewhere.....or is this niche still too green??
            Well, like I said I am pretty sure there is an option for that. You would just have to go check out the specifics for any give service- but transferring lists is a common need. The only issues are ethical ones, but as long as you are keeping the same sender/receivers it really should not breach any concerns. If you had your own host/server doing it and the host decided to change servers it would be the same kind of issue. So chalk it up to a "technical upgrade" and you are good.
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    Campaign Monitor is the best purely "while label" email service provider I know, but many others like icontact or constant contact have reseller or "agent" accounts so you can manage multiple accounts with relative ease.

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