If you could have software created, what would you need it to do?

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Just like the title says.

I'm going to be coding some new offline tools and an offline suite over the next couple months. What do you guys wish you had automated?

Ideas ideas ideas, and you'll see it happen (most likely)
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    Let's see, it would be nice to have a scraper tool that can also check whether a business has a verified GP page...Oh! And it could also scrape manta to check for Owner names. That's probably not so hard to do though. I guess I just need a really good lead generation tool.

    Although it's not an issue for me right now, I'd also like to see some sort of organizational tool for offline marketers. I don't really know what there is out there for something like this, but I sure would like to see it. It would be great to be able to keep my list of leads and all of my contact information together with an organizational tool.

    Again, this is really just off the top of my head, but I think you've got a cool idea here and I want to get the ball rolling on this thread!
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    Tell my wife's family to get lost and they are not wanted here to sent daily via text messaging. :-)

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    Something I could brand for companies to allow SMS marketing.

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    A new SEO software to help with backlinks and articles sounds awesome! An email software links to personal email is not bad either. Let us know what you decided.
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    Keep the ideas a comin guys... I gotta get em all together before I decide.

    Maybe something offline based, what in your offline business isn't automated yet that you could easily automate with software?
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    article submitter/link builder that is server side software not desktop. Too many apps hoggin my machine and cpu. Server side is the way to go
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    Post to citation sites
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      a REALLY (10 reallies) good software that prevents ppl from stealing content.
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