Prospecting for New Web Design Clients on a Saturday?

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It's officially Saturday where I'm located, about an hour and a half into the new day. And so, I find myself needing some serious cash and my time for getting it limited. I'm thinking of calling on a few CL advertisers and trying to sell them on a simple 5 page website. I'll be specifically targeting tradesmen such as roofers, painters, carpenters, and the like. I've done some spectating, and most of them posting on CL don't have websites.

I could create a quick site for each type of trade, and then call them up one by one and pitch my offer. There's a good chance the decision maker will answer since these types of businesses are usually one or two man shows. The only thing that I can see being an issue is the fact that it's Saturday.

Do you think that cold calling on a Saturday is a bad idea? And if you think I should go for it, do you have any tips that might help me close the sale over the phone?

I wouldn't attempt it normally, but I'm in a terrible situation, and I've got to do something that will bring me some money now.
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    you got a whole strategy but you're worried about the day of the week? Dude, make them calls. What's the worst that can happen? They're not interested? Do you think they'll be more interested on Monday? Sat is fine for most people if it's before like 6pm
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    Phone someone, say :

    "Hi, is that <insertname>?

    I was just wondering, I'm just calling on behalf of my brother who's in a bit of a pickle with his plumbing and I wondered if I you could let me have your website address so I can pass it on to him?"

    Plumber: "I don't have a webiste."

    "Oh, really? Oh, OK. Errm." Wait. Wait a long time, don't help the guy, just wait.

    If it's getting uncomfortable...

    "Errm, what can I tell him?"

    Plumber: "You can give him my number" - standard response. So many 'old skool' think that the only way they'll get business is through the phone and they resist the web at all costs.

    "He's really after a web address because he works for a big company. Have you not considered a website?"

    Now, he could say "Not a chance" or "It's not for me" or just be totally negative. The trick is not to try to persuade him. You need to agree that websites are a total waste of time.

    "Yeah, I suppose if you're really busy all the time anyway then it doesn't matter" - here's where I decide what to do. I either bail here or I carry on depending on the answer. If this guy had six months' worth of work on then there's no point in trying to sell him a sales tool, he'll be up to his neck in bathrooms and won't want the hassle.

    However, if he's not got much on then you've got a chance. BUT, you need to keep it low key otherwise the next step will seem too obvious.

    "Look, I work in I.T. and website are stupidly expensive normally, but there are a few templates etc. on the web, you can get up and going for a few hundred dollars, shall I send you some links?"

    And here the conversation may end. You're just at this point offering to help the poor guy out. Just send him some links to WooThemes or something with your telephone number.

    A day or two later, call back.

    "Hi Jim, how'd you get on with those links?..... Ahhh, baffled you say, OK, are you just going to leave it then? I guess it might not be worth your while..."

    About 60% of the time, they carry on the conversation and usually they say "You say you work in I.T., can you do this for me?"

    And that's it. The biggest mistake people make is they try to sell - don't to sell, try not to sell, make this guy feel like the world is against him.

    Pepper your conversation with "I guess people don't really use the web, let me just check...." then Google and ask him who all these people on page one are (his competitors).

    Takes practice, but if you hold your balls in your hand and go for it, it's a LOT of fun!

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    That's a great way to handle a call. It's a very subtle way of warming up a prospect to the idea of buying a website. My only issue is that I don't have a couple of days to close a deal.

    What do you think about this?

    Instead of,

    Originally Posted by SgtBadass

    "Look, I work in I.T. and website are stupidly expensive normally, but there are a few templates etc. on the web, you can get up and going for a few hundred dollars, shall I send you some links?"
    I'll say,

    "Look, I work in I.T. and websites are stupidly expensive normally, but I've got a few templates lying around. You could get up and going in a few hours (few days?) and the cost would be only a few hundred dollars. Shall I send you a couple of links?"

    And instead of calling back in a few days, let them know that I'll call back in a few hours to see of they've had a chance to check them out. Then on the return call, move the sale forward.

    I need a way to make some cash FAST. I've only got a few days to turn things around. So, you can see why it's so important to get a hold on this.
    Is your offline business picking up, but the work of building websites got you down?
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      Yes mate, go for it. Being in your situation can be an advantage - you just HAVE to do it.

      If you can, maybe say you've got a bit of spare time on your hands over the weekend, you could get them up and running quickly. Wordpress takes no time at all so you could really shine.

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    Funny I should read I went out prospecting for a few new local SEO clients, and it worked out great!

    But, I showed up in person! Cold calling is ok with me, but when someone looks you straight in the eye, it's much more rewarding

    Now obviously, the tradesmen don't have a retail site, so definitely call them on a Saturday!
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