Mobile and tablets dominating the news

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Here is an article I just got showing that consumers are definitely adopting the smart phone and tablets for buying and entertainment.

Tip of the Iceberg |


Critical mass is undoubtedly where the market is headed. We need only look at the news coming out of CTIA last week, where tablet and smartphone announcements stole the show, with new devices from HTC, Samsung and Nokia (to name but a few) dominating press coverage. All these major players are pitching their new innovative devices alongside the iPad 2, and vying for a slice of this fast-growing and lucrative space.

Consumers, in turn, are flocking to snap up these new devices in their droves. The effect of which has been a fundamental change in the way that people are consuming media. As consumers switch off from TV advertising and spend less time surfing the web on a PC, smartphones and tablets are becoming the devices of choice for constant and spontaneous internet access.

Mobile media consumption typically follows a very different pattern to traditional online habits. Consumers tend to access the web on smartphone and tablet devices at home over wi-fi connections during the evening, or to hunt for bargains or product information while browsing the shops at weekends. This represents a new and significant opportunity for brands to engage with consumers, using more engaging and interactive ad units at times when traditional online traffic is lower.

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