SMS Campaign for someone who refuses to give anything away?

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I had an interesting discussion with a restaurant owner this morning.

When I started to explain how to generate a text list I said that he would offer something (1/2 off dinner, free appetizer, etc.) in order to encourage people to sign up.

He said (his exact words) "Oh, I would never give anything away. It would cheapen the image of the restaurant."

His restaurant is 2 months old, and in that time he has built an email list of 400. He uses the list to promote live music that he has 2 - 3 times a week.

He also thinks that most of his emails are opened by the list members, so doesn't understand why he should do texting, which he has to pay for.

It seems like it would be impossible to track the response to any text broadcasts he sends, because he cringes at the word "coupon".

Maybe I should also mention that he has a dress code posted on the front door (no bomber jackets, among other things). Maybe he is just not the type to go for this type of marketing.

Does anyone run any campaigns where the text is just used to advertise events and the client does not give anything away?

thanks for your input.

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    Wait six months and go back to the new owner occupying his space.
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      Yes, I was thinking about going back some night to see how busy it really is. I wonder if anyone actually gets to the door, realizes that their dress is not acceptable and leaves.

      Maybe it goes without saying that he has never run a restaurant before

      It is really too bad, because he did a great job in fixing the place up. I'm sure he has a lot of money tied up in it.

      Virginia Drew

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      Originally Posted by MichaelHiles View Post

      Wait six months and go back to the new owner occupying his space.
      Couldn't see a better conclusion Michael. Love it ! lol !!
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    Now you know why restaurants have one of the highest failure rates of any business segment.
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    I would have take him to visit similar restaurants of his caliber and show him what they are doing.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    Yep, give him 6 months. If he has never run a restaurant before he is toast. The good thing is that he has an email list however. But if he never gives anything away or runs special offers for the members on the list, his emails might get old pretty quick. Keep us posted on the success of this business.
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    You can't force people to go with a service they aren't comfortable with, my advice is leave your business card, and check in with him a few weeks from now to see if anything has changed. You've made your pitch, and he's chosen not to go that route for the time being, so it's time to move on to another business who is willing and wanting to go mobile.

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