Where Can I Outsource My Web Design For Offline Clients?

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I am looking for someone to outsource simple landing page designs for offline clients. I mean, I have templates which I will give to the designers, but I don't know where to begin looking for a decent reliable outsource team. I have tried Odesk, but I am not sure whether I can find someone reliable off there. Can anyone suggest a decent place to look in for reasonable price and a good rep?

Thanks a bunch
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    check the warriors for hire section.

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      Those are definitely as good a suggestion as any. I prefer Elance, and then there is freelancer.com - but yeah oDesk can be sad at times, the best part is there operational systems; their systems to check on resource quality not so great. I could put up a request to build a warp drive engine and get twenty responses "Sure we can do that for you". So really its just about the management of whatever you want to get in return.

      However, for a unique squeeze page Warriors for hire is a great resource, but if you are just doing templates Elance.
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    yes .. check the Elance.com
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    If you are looking for a squeeze page template, PM me
    I can help you out for a cheap price, but not cheap quality
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        elance.com has a good market reputation and is affordable as well. Check that.
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          Get quotes from several people (including warriors for hire)

          Be VERY specific about what your requirements are.

          Are they writing copy?

          Creating Graphics?

          Finding graphics for you?

          Adding aweber code to the page?

          What are you going to provide?

          What are they going to be doing?


          The clearer you are on what the project is, the better results you will get with your workers!

          Mark Riddle
          Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    if you need designer, programmer, etc. you can PM me. I already done this for couple clients, basically, they call me after they see my work.

    you can see my portfolio from my signature. I can do website, banner, logo, header, footer, fanpages, twitter background and custom things, even add 1k twitter for $9.

    PM me for whatever you need.

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    i have used odesk and elance and the biggest thing is DON'T pay a dime until productis done completely and the way you want. I like odesk and i have broken the design into a few componets; graphics, content, SEO (some) all to different people. This way if one breaks its a lot easier and quicker to fix. Good Luck i f need help shoot me a PM
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    i use odesk and elance as well... i had a bad experience with a contractor from odesk, but i think it was a one-off deal.... there's definitely some potential on there at good prices... but elance is good too.
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