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Lots of major reorg changes at Google Places right now that could affect and hopefully improve things for those of you who are involved with Google Places in any way. (As a user or as a marketer)

ESPECIALLY if you are one that has suffered from Google bugs, problems, lack of support and other Google Places frustrations, you need to read all.

I'm going to try to save my carpal & not write a book because everything is spelled out well in these posts.

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Where Does Local Fit into the Newly Organized Google Under Page?
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>> In summary, for those that have not read, there was a huge re-org at Google yesterday. Now there is a new head of the local division and Google Places. (Not sure where Marissa stands in all of this) But Jeff Huber is the new VP.

We all aired lots of concerns about all the current Places bugs and problems and I did a long reply about an important blog post I made re: support. We also offered G lots of suggestions. THIS AM JEFF HUBER REPLIED that he's reading and is behind improving Google Places.


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Next up Google WISELY decided to kill the name and separate app HotPot and merge it into it's rightful place as an integrated feature of Google Places.

No one is talking about how huge this is - but I think it speaks VOLUMES.

Have you seen how much energy and how many dollars G was putting into promoting HotPot including major "feet on the street" marketing campaigns?
I think it diverted SO MUCH energy and $ AWAY from Google Places. Now all those campaigns will be talking Google Places instead and creating more awareness for small businesses who will need help with Places.

Hotpot is going Places
- Official Google announcement

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Another signal to me that more energy will go into Places is that now Google Places finally has their own Google Blog. I think it's just the old HotPot blog with a name change, but this indicates the increased importance G will be putting on local and Places now.

New Google Places Blog

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Google Places Help – Renewed Hope Google Places will Improve
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Hope it's OK since not using a live link.)

Another sign of hope that things may change for the better. Really important info I got from a Google employee.

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There is more news and a bunch of other important links but no time now. I'm going to try to get a big blog post ready for Monday.


Feel free to add other news or good links you find below.
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