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I am about to do something...something I have never done. I am a local business marketer. I have some very happy clients that I help get lots of business. What I am doing is creating a product that explains everything that I do to make money with small businesses. I already have three hours of content recorded in which I give away all my secrets.

Here is the questions...what should I call this product?

Jason C. Maxwell
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    Local Marketing Secrets Revealed
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      Local Mobile Magic Bullet
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        Go Big Local Marketing
        The Big Business of Local Marketing
        Local Marketing - Big Paychecks
        Big Boy Marketing For Small Business Budgets
        Local Marketing Zoro - Save The Day For Local Businesses Today

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          Hey these are all really cool ideas...I bet Local Marketing Secrets Revealed would get some good searches. This course is going to help guys like us to get business with helping local business owners on the web. I have found this to be a lot like shooting fish in a barrel.

          I am going to do the launch this week or next week according to my schedule. Does anyone have a cool bonus I could throw in with this, a short report or video in which you provide some great info about a topic my customers would enjoy while promoting something of your own?

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    Why not put Max in it?

    Local Business Means Maximum Results

    Local Business Maximum Results

    Maximum Results With Local Businesses

    Maximize Your Local Business Efforts

    Local Business Maximum ROI

    How Can a Transcription Service Help You Create Content Even if You Never Write or Type a Word?
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      Couple thoughts ...

      Did you see the Frank Kern Video about his "book" and how he needs a name, then sells you on paying six bucks to cover the shipping and printing, then upsells you on his black box video course.

      You can do the same and ask your target market what it should be called ... use a mock copy with the big question mark on it.

      This is just so off the wall different that it sticks.

      More traditional is to find the one great problem / issue it solves and use this to name the product and then directly tie it into the particular niche that you are going into.

      Way to many hype bull crappy things on the market and if this is a traditional offline main street business this may turn them off.

      So if this is the case then be more conservative but inject curiosity, urgency, and scarcity into it.

      Samy Elashmawy Simple Sales Training
      Personal One on One Coaching, Training, and Consulting. Phone 201-467-4929 or Cell 201-926-9412. And Yes, I answer my own phone. If I am on a call, please leave a message and I will personally get back to you!

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    Secrets about Small Business marketing the big business dont want you to know.

    ...works every time
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    These were some great posts...I really liked the one about the Frank Kern idea...I am going with Local Business Maximum Results. I think it is neat that it plays into my name. I am JasonMaximum on twitter lets all follow each other.
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