How to get sales people?

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Could someone please give me some advice to contract sales people. The procedures etc, best places, best freelance sites. I'm actually struggling to find anything concrete, perhaps there's an idea there!?

How do other people tackle this? Is it worth paying someone, to take the sales role? :confused:

I've got a couple of businesses I want to run with, I don't mind promoting myself - but i wanted to cover all the bases...
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    This is hard in my experience. ALOT of time finding them, managing and training. I find doing it myself is the only way. I hear people talking about etc, but hasnt panned out for me?

    If you figure something out, please let me know Chrissy!
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    The best is to find someone working in ur office, not ONLINE

    just find from jobsite in ur location
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    You can always posts an ad on craigslist and if you have money then you post an ad on or something like that. John Durman made a pretty good posts several days ago about how to get sales people. Basically treat your business like an affiliate program and find people to make sales for might find 100 people, but only 5 or 10 of those 100 will really work for you. As everything else it is always a numbers game. The more people you have working for you bringing you sales the better off it will be.
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    Before you start finding sales people, first know what you are selling and who you are selling to. After this, then choose which one of these two main types of sales will be the most suitable for your business:
    Inside Sales
    Outside Sales
    You can choose both if you like or you can choose one .
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  • it all depends on your product, if your business sell boats dont hire a computer programmer to sell them for you and if your business is website software dont hire a boat maker to sell them for you.

    i would suggest speaking to people and offering them a commission to sell your products, kind of like an affiliate program, explain to people if they can sell your product they get a piece of the pie, all they do is the selling, nothing else.
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    I would draft up some procedures that you want this sells person to follow. Put together your own training guide to what you do for sales. Once you have that then put an ad on craigslist, and odesk. I would also setup another email just for the applicants who send resumes to so you dont overload your email. Once you got that done interview and then hire. Before you give them your procedure book for training draft an application stating the procedures belong to you and all that jazz so you protect your client base and then start training them to get you some business

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    I find asking them to leave a telephone answer machine message talking about their experience and results is a good way to vet out a lot of the no hopers who apply. You would be surprised how many people apply for a telesales position, then freeze up on the phone.
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