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Lately I've been trying out doing video reviews, and I really enjoy doing them and they are going over very well.

Only thing is...many people check their email from their mobile phones. When they click the link for the video, since I've been using Jing, most will not be able to view the video on their phone unless their device is flash-enabled.

Youtube allows for mobile access. I converted one of my Jing videos and then uploaded it into Youtube and was able to view it from my mobile.

Only thing is...Youtube puts a bunch of "recommended videos" underneath my video review...not at all what I want.

Is there another way to make the video reviews viewable from a mobile phone, or is there a way to get rid of those "recommended videos"?

I noticed that youtube has changed their sharing they're all url shorteners and the scripts I used to use to alter the youtube video links are not working anymore.
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    you can always host your own...

    you will need the right software to compress and format them correctly, and also the know how to embed them properly - but we have clients who have mobile video on their mobile sites and they work fine

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    But wouldn't those people have to have flash-enabled mobile devices in order to view the videos?

    Or are you embedding youtube video on your client's mobile sites?

    Hmmm....maybe I could upload an html page on my server and use the youtube embed code instead of the youtube link in my emails...I could instead put a link to the html page.

    That may work.
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    Hadn't tried it yet, but go to and set up an account. Upload a video there to your "public" file and get the link (right click and grab "public link"). Mail the link to yourself or someone else and see if the link will play the video. If it does, it will be without the ads or other distractions...

    edit: just tried it and it worked fine. Good luck! Search "video converters" and grab a free one if you need to convert any videos before uploading to Dropbox... there's lots of free ones available.
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    if you are hosting it yourself you will need to output the video as MP4 or 3GP i recommend 3GP since android doesnt support streaming progressive download and you have to download the whole file before you can watch it

    youtube detects your mobile phone and outputs the correct supported video format for the phone

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      I tested this out on my NookColor, which is an Android-powered "reader's tablet".

      Usually when I want to have videos on my Nook, I convert them to Iphone format because it always works.

      So, I converted the Jing swf file to Iphone format, which I think was m4v.

      Anyhow, I used DropBox. I dropped the Iphone file into the public folder, got the link.

      Tested it out by emailing myself and then opening the email on my Nook.

      It worked! So thanks for the tip about DropBox.

      I was also going to try out this WordPress plugin called Iframe Embed for YouTube.

      It's supposed to somehow convert the YouTube embed code so that it works on mobile.

      So in that case I would have to add a post on my WordPress site with the Youtube video in it.

      Then email that.

      But somehow it seems like an extra step.
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    i tried pretty much all the free ones out there - i wish i had saved my self hours and hours of searching, testing and dodging viruses, and just gone straight to apple and bought quick time pro

    if its any help to anyone thats what i use for all my mobile video and have tried several paid software suites too, but out of them its the easiest to use and gives best results in my opinion - additionally it has special features for mobile video, however i don't use them lol

    took me a lot of time tweaking to get the result just how i wanted but compared to the rest of the results the output works great on both android and iphone

    its only $30 - Apple - QuickTime - Download and watch videos, movies, and TV shows.

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