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I was talking to a local business owner about promoting their site.

On the surface, their category structure and content looks decent. But when I looked at the page source, this is what I found (the url was edited.)

HTML Code:
<html><body><script type="text/javascript">/* <![CDATA[ */document.location.replace("http:\/\/\/");/* ]]> */</script><script type="text/javascript">/* <![CDATA[ */setTimeout("(new Image()).src='/laudit.php?r=JS&u%5Bprotocol%5D=http&';",5000);/* ]]> */</script></body></html>
What the heck is that?

Their site comes up in the SERP's with a page listing titled "Header," but there is an actual description beneath it.

They do have content and subpages indexed so obviously the search engines are crawling information that I can't see in the source. I've never seen the source be complete javascript.
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    Encrypted (or hidden) code. The actual code displayed is in another file which is called by the javascript.

    Not 100% on this but of thats all the code you see when viewing source code then the code is in another file. Find that file and find your code.
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    But what is the purpose of this?

    ETA: I added laudit.php to the domain name and then viewed the source for that. It showed the code for that . . . it is actually a Wordpress site.

    I still don't understand why someone would do that.
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    Last time I found something like on MY site, I kinda freaked out, because I knew it wasn't there at first... turned out my site had been hacked due to me running an out-of-date version of WordPress. Thankfully it was a benign sort of hack that just pumped up someone else's traffic/stats. But I was still quite sobered by it and have tried to keep more current with WordPress updates.
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