The One Sure Way to Build Your Offline Business

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Before I got into doing offline consulting, I was in direct sales.

You learn how vital it really is to build a relationship with a prospect and close as soon as possible.

You learn the value of contacting as many people as possible to expose your business to the largest audience as possible.

I recommend very highly if you want to be successful in this business, learn sales; study it!

Read books like the art of the sale, listen to sales trainings and business related trainings.

Get on Amazon and get yourself some personal development type books.

You are business builder and entrepreneur. It's vital you take these steps for your success.

If you are struggling to get yourself clients, its very possible that you need to brush up on your sales skills.

I can teach you how to get clients, but only you can have the positive energy and desire to go do it.

  1. Quantity of prospects.
  2. Your desire to be successful.
  3. Your persistence when things get tough.
  4. Your long-term follow through of your dreams and goals.

This is what makes winners.

Go be a winner!
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  • Great post Ryan! I too am/was in sales at my day job and am planning to turn my offline business into my FT business.

    How long have you been at it? How is it going?
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    Just a year and it's been the easiest to grow business I've ever had and it does well even in bad times because of the huge potential market and lack of skill out there right now.
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      Sales is a numbers game and that's where most get discouraged. Simple rule to use in sales is "run 2, set 2". If you run 2 appointments very day for 20 days a month then is 40 appts a month. You will close 1 out of 3, it's just the nature of the game. That's 13 deals a month. Figure out what you need to hit on a monthly basis to make your desire salary. 60k a year is 5k a month, diviided by 13 deals a month is $385 [B]net[B] average per deal revenue. Depending on your outsourcing and other backend cost you need to know what you have to gross per deal. The more appts you run the better you will get. You will get customers just based off the number of appt you run.

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    Ryan - what would you say are some of the best sales books you have read from amazon?

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    • Originally Posted by EmilyC View Post

      Ryan - what would you say are some of the best sales books you have read from amazon?

      EmilyC -

      There are loads of great sales books out there. Anything by Brian Tracey is great, same with David Sandler and the Sandler Sales System. I've been through Sandler training and while a bit expensive its very informative.

      Another must read that's not directly related to sales is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. A book that was written decades ago but more relevant now than ever.

      Also - google this guy "Jeffrey Gitomer" he's got a killer website and get on his email list as he sends out a bunch of great content for free (not spam).

      Best of luck!
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        Originally Posted by LocalSEOEntrepreneur View Post

        EmilyC -

        There are loads of great sales books out there. Anything by Brian Tracey is great, same with David Sandler and the Sandler Sales System. I've been through Sandler training and while a bit expensive its very informative.

        Another must read that's not directly related to sales is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. A book that was written decades ago but more relevant now than ever.

        Also - google this guy "Jeffrey Gitomer" he's got a killer website and get on his email list as he sends out a bunch of great content for free (not spam).

        Best of luck!

        Sandler is expensive but well worth going through. They do reinforcement training so you really get immersed into the training.
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      You are selling YOU. People will buy when they trust you. This is on and off line. Trust is the foundation of all selling. Think about the people that you trust and the people you buy from. You will see similarities. Then work out how, using your own personality, you can help people to trust you. One of the best ways is to approach a prospective customer with the objective of helping them, not selling them. I was given this advice 35 years ago and it still holds good today. During this time,I have started and run 11 different successful businesses on this basis
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    Having sales experience is a huge plus in this business. For those of you looking for good sales books, I've got a couple that I highly recommend to anyone, experienced or not. The first is "Selling Retail" by John Lawhon. He owned a few highly successful furniture stores, and while the book focuses on retail, the lessons you learn from it will translate to success in any type of sales.

    I also highly recommend "The Accidental Salesperson" by Chris Lytle. Both of these books were written over ten years ago, but don't let yourself fall into the trap of needing a more recent book in order to get relevant information. These books bring it.

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    Good call Ryan,

    A word of caution to those without any sales experience who are eager to learn. Forget any pre-conceptions you have about the typical sales person! Thats not who you want to be, nor is it how you will be successful.

    The best sales people know and understand that people hate being "sold to" but they love to "Buy". So you need to do 2 things to avoid appearing like a "Sales Person"

    1. Ask relevant questions to draw information, feelings and emotions from your prospect

    2. BE GENUINE!

    Questions like...

    - What do you want your new website to be able to do for? (make sales, showcase products, build community, look professional, easily updated etc)
    - Whats your experience so far with business online?

    So on and so forth....

    The first thing I do with new clients is sit for an hour and talk to them about their business and the opportunities for growth online. I have developed a new client questionnaire for this purpose. The result is that by the end of the session my prospect is filled with enthusiasm for the future of their business, they see the possibilities online. This is a great place for me to drop the question.. "So how much would you be happy to invest in your new website?" :-)

    They are happy, im happy and me and my new client can look forward to a healthy working relationship.

    To summarise,

    1. Ask relevant questions (Prep them for sure)

    2. Be genuine

    Happy to be amongst like minded warriors!
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      Dont fancy sending a fellow brit your sales questionaire?


      PS; if you don't ask, you don't get!
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    Hi Guys! I've got a few gems to mention here:

    I really enjoy reading and learning from Sales & Marketing books, i have many in my library but 2 that i always refer back to time and time again are:
    i never the get the full title of this book right as many times as i have read it: Getting everything you can out of all you got" by Jay Abraham and here is one that most people may not have heard of: How to sell a Lobster by Bill Bishop ( super easy read and great basic sales strategy ).
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    Hi I've been involved in off line marketing as a consultant for over 35 years now. I find that today there is lot of rubbish spoken about offline marketing to the point where I have decided to write a practical guide on the subject. I plan to make it a WSO.
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    I recommend picking up some of the books mentioned already in this thread. Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie. I have a collection next to me now. Also, get audio and videos too.

    I listened and learned from this stuff for an hour or two a day for about a year before I ever launched a successful business. I failed until after I grew in my business and sales skills as well as my own personal beliefs about success.
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    Thanks Ryan,

    As always you provided great information for people who are working in the offline world.


    Some times you just have to take life by the throat and shake a little more out.

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    Great work Ryan. Its all an Offline project need to run.
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      It's not really selling at all. It is all in perception. You are a solutions provider. Every customer that you have now or will ever get has a problem and if you solve that problem you will make a successful business.

      If you are working with retail, they have the same problem everyday. They have overhead and payroll and the only way they can cover that is if people walk through the door with money to spend and spend it with them. In Trades it is the same, only they need to be invited to walk through someone elses door. As a marketer it is your job to bring qualified leads through the door when they are ready to spend. Put these two together and you have a successful plan that will make happy clients.

      Now here is the important part. You have to see yourself as a solutions provider. You have to know how or know where you can find someone who knows how to provide the solution they need.

      The first show I performed as a Stage Hypnotist I had never hypnotized anyone successfully before that night. The booker didn't know that they perceived me as a Stage Hyponotist. The poster I supplied said I was a Hypnotist, the website said I was a Hypnotist and they believed I was a Hypnotist. I had probably done more shows before that night than any other first time Hypnotist knocking out stuffed dogs and bunnies left and right. Not one of them could resist my ability to put them in trance. In my mind I was a Successful Stage Hypnotist. That night 20 people came on stage to volunteer and 12 of them went under and put on a hands down fantastic show. And to all I was a Successful Stage Hypnotist and they were talking about that show months after it was over.

      It starts with your belief. If you don't believe why should they. So go find some business owners with a problem and solve it for them. You are a Solutions Provider and you know it. It's a piece of cake.

      SLEEP NOW.

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    I think the techniques of yellow page advertising, newspaper advertising, direct mail, and postcard marketing are excellent ways to promote an offline business. With direct mail, if you mail out at least 10,000 pieces, you're sure to get results almost immediately (assuming your list and offer is good). Combine these strategies with free online marketing and info product creation... an offline business can become unstoppable.
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      There is the one Guy I would like to share with you guys here is
      who turns the old Sales mantra on it's head to devastating effect by spinning
      the old paradigm on it's head is the Ari Galper - he is cold calling specialist
      with a very warm approach that can unlock the sales game for you.
      Some of you may have heard from him. Just Google Him. B-)
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    @davidlieder - Sure, you will have to PM me your email address so we can discuss further.

    @ ivsolutions - Post your info and I will send over a copy.

    Thanks, Joe

    Happy to be amongst like minded warriors!
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      Cant PM Joe

      sent to stevesmith42 [at]

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    Pure will, desire and belief, and love for money = Soon there...

    ~Alex Nash

    Learn from your mistakes. Experience is priceless.

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      Great thread and it is important that people realise that in selling always be yourself and be more interested in your prospect than you are in your own needs.

      If you focus on the prospect and what they need you will always find a way to help them and it won't neccessarily involve them buying off you!

      Sometimes you may be in a position to put them in contact with others who can help them. If you have ever done networking you will know what I mean and you shouldn't underestimate the financial returns in the long run.

      The one thing affiliate marketing taught me was joint ventures and if you work with others in the offline world you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your business will grow.
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    Tom Hopkins: "How to Master the Art of Selling"

    Great sales teaching book. Hopkins sold residential real estate and this is 'hard core' selling with pushy, assertive closes. Not for the faint hearted ... and will offend some ... but still one of the best primers around.
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    I think the most important part of any sale, in any situation is the discovery. Asking questions and establishing the need or desire is key to any sales presentation.

    No amount of closing skills can help if you have not presented the product or service in a way that makes it desirable and appealing to the prospect.

    This can only be done by asking the right questions, listening to the answers and adapting your presentaion or pitch accordingly.

    IMHO of course :-)

    Free Tips, Advice and reviews plus a few moans and groans ;-) at - (Personal Blog)

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    You are 100% right.

    When I first started I tried to skip over the personal development piece of the success puzzle because I had the "technical know-how".

    As a result, I couldn't sustain the level of success I wanted.

    For example, I could get a client, but I couldn't continue to put it all together to get them to continue to pay me monthly and/or buy more services from me.

    The problem was my skills, confidence and thought process was all focused on getting the client, but I hadn't developed my skills, confidence and overall mindset to see the client through the next six, twelve or eighteen months etc.

    Another example is, I could get one client, but I didn't have the systems in place to continue to produce clients like clockwork.

    That took me changing my mindset, which came as a result of changing what I put in my mind, which produced a different way of thinking, which ultimately produced a different set of actions on my part.

    That's when I begin to create information products like books, audio products & video's that positioned me as the go-to expert for my area and niches. Just like the guru's did to me!

    But more importantly than positioning myself in my prospect's mind, I began to absorb the information I was creating in a different way. I slowly begin to gain confidence and transitioned into a CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement mindset for my life and my business.

    But, this all happened because I committed to improving every area of my business, most importantly my salesmanship/solution provider abilities.

    In order for me to have sustained success, I began to look at each day as a completely seperate battlefield.


    Today, I have to read x amount of pages/minutes/chapters of Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy or someone else successful etc. (Feeding my mind)

    Today, I have to apply this new type of rapport building strategy (Improving my salesmanship.)

    Today, I have to contact these ten people. (Doing my marketing activities)

    Today, I have to write this content. (Growing my product offerings)

    Today, I have to put together this proposal and present it. (Moving my pipeline along)

    So, I coined the phrase "Win the battle today" to create a trigger for myself.

    And I also write down the six things that I want to "really" do today. Got this from the book "The Ultimate Sales Machine."

    Want to target Chiropractors? Grab this FREE DFY Chiropractic Back Pain Funnel
    and generate new patient leads for your trial or recurring Chiropractor clients!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ryan Shaw
    Right on Chris.

    The thing with many people reading this thread is that you guys are looking for opportunity.

    There's a difference between just looking for ways to make money online and actually doing.

    Building a business. Growing as a person. This is all key to success.
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  • Excellent post Ryan, you are so right.

    This is a vital area that a lot of people that get into Offline marketing overlook.

    You can be the greatest SEO guy or Google guru in the world but if you can't close people you aren't going to make a cent!

    I would recommend Kevin Nation's sales call secrets to anyone who is looking to educate themselves on how to sell.

    Tap into the Video Gold Mine with my Free 4 Part Offline Cash Secrets video course.

    If you want to FINALLY start making money online then check out Instant Internet Lifestyle blog.

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    Great advice!

    You can't sell until they hear your story... and they can't hear your story until they trust you... and they can't trust you until they get to know you.

    It's all about the relationship.

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