Warriors Are We a Family? -Save Kim Winfrey- Family is what Family Does!

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Kim Winfrey Mega WSO

I'll tell you what, there are alot of marketers here... but the WARRIORS (family)... family? No family?

Here's my own personal take on that:

The truth is self evident. Family is what Family does.

My family would give their last penny to save my life, and I hope if it ever comes down to it, the warriors are my family.

The real Warriors , the ones who are family, are gonna have their names on this list.

Glad mine is!
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    Here's another one guys to work if any of us get a chance... we gotta keep it on top! http://www.warriorforum.com/offline-...ml#post3803044
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    Hi John,

    Prayers for Kim. Thanks for helping him out! Anyways, power to you.

    Maybe we could all pitch in and place a banner on WF for it or something?

    PS So I've yet to make passive IM income online. Is Kim's mega wso going to overload? I read on the thread its hundreds of megabytes? Any help or advice will be great man!

    Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!


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      Yes, John, we are family! I just bought the WSO. It makes me feel glad that I am helping to save Kim's life.

      Wow, 100,000 of us here and still not at 500 yet:confused:. Come on Warriors! We can't all be in it just for the money, right?
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    I feel like this is my extended family! I will pray for Kim! John this is above and beyond the call. I am proud to say. I know you -you have Kim's back all the way!
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    John, sometimes stranger will help you more than your family, at least that is my experience. We need people with big heart to think about someone else for second. If everyone give little, Kim will get his life back. Our little is big for him.
    Do we know how much money is needed, are we close to the goal? How many Kim WSO is sold?
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    Hey guys, just got a note from Rilda, Kims not doin too good and he's back in the hospital... Pm'd you Sal w details.

    Please everyone pray for him in your own way, and hold him in the light...

    Yeah.... we "are" a family arent we! Im proud to know you guys too! We sure act like one in ALL ways! lol
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    We are praying for Kim...
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    John, I just bought the WSO. My prayers are with Kim and his family.

    Come on Warriors! We have a brother in need here!
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    Though I have not known Kim because I am new here., I would definitely pray for his fast recovery. Get well soon Kim.
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