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Hi...I need to make a marketing plan...for a company that I've choosed. If someone could help me...
For details...you can PM me...thanks alot.I would really apreciate that.
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    Eh?? So you want people to share what makes them money, and invest time into helping you but you won't search and try to help yourself?

    There are lots and lots of material on marketing, and different types of marketing. It is your business... if you believe you have enough knowledge to start whatever business you're starting, who will know your target market better than you? If someone else does know your market better than you, then you need to do more research before starting it.
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      What type of business you are doing. Tell me first then i tell you about your business proposal
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        Ok. I don't need the secret of making money through creating and implementing a marketing plan. I need to do this for school...is not a competition.
        If is someone to guide me a little bit.

        This plan I want to implement on a e-commerce website named CurteaVeche.ro
        Is a romanian web site, that sells books ( I can translate the content to know what's this about). What I want to do by creating this marketing plan is to promote this website and grow his sales.
        Thanks again.
        That's all
        Interested in self development, how to optimize your values?...We can help you...

        Best Regards
        Daniel Curpas
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