What is a good looking email format

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Hi All

I want to continue sending mobile website mock-up to potential clients. However I currently use Outlook and it just does not look good. I can't seem to format it well with images and text.
What are people using to send emails to potential offline clients for business?
Quentin I like your email format as well.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Thanks, MK
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    I think that the best services and good looking email format is Gmail.I am just using Gmail for email services so i like the gmail.
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    You could always post the image on a demo page on your website. Send them the link in the email instead of trying to format the mockup within its confines. That would be quicker, and you wouldn't have to worry about any display errors.
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    I think the good looking Email format is Gmail.Yahoo.is a also good.
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    There are various types of email like hotmail, gmail, yahoomail. among them gmail's image is so nice.
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    I use gmail because it is by far the best out of the free email programs. I like Outlook 2003 too, but it took me a while to learn how it works. Maybe the future programs of Outlook will allow you to accomplish what you're trying to do.
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    If you want to use Outlook, there are many templates out there.

    Here is around 100 quality templates that are tested to work on all of the popular email clients and websites.
    100+ free HTML email templates | Campaign Monitor

    I would like to stress that you should always think twice about adding images to your emails, because most email clients as far as I know block them, until the recipient acknowledges that he wants to view them, so the first impact of the actual email may be bad, because with missing images, the format may be off.
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