Productivity - Managing Your Facebook Fan Pages for Clients?

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How are you managing your client account info if you are offline consulting for facebook fan pages?

Do you just use excel spreadsheets or just save the info in MS Word?? What info do you record besides client names, passwords, last time you updated the page, etc?

In other words, what do you use for project management?
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    interesting like you mean manage it or keep track of many clients?

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    We keep a list of all our clients Assets, E-mails and Passwords in a Excel Spreadsheet.
    As far as the reporting, Facebook Pages has a great reporting in their Insights.

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    An Excel spreadsheet is good, but you should password protect it if there is any password information. Actually, Open Office is better because Excel passwords can be hacked.

    For a great project management online app that will allow you to grow and scale with more clients, try - Be Inspired - Start an Adventure. I know that thousands of marketing agencies use it, its very good and simple for project managing the kind of services you are talking about in this post.

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    Basecamp is a great project management software in that it's easy to use, great navigation, and useful tools. But if you're just looking to track/record basic info and other stuff you mentioned, then just use Excel.
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    I use Excel. I would say to use Microsoft Access but their database management isn't so simple.
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    We use Google Docs/spreadsheets, with Siasto a project management app that integrates Google already for us.
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    I use Raven Tools, works good
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