Want a Better Response Rate to Your Marketing?

by Dexx
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Just created this video on how to improve the response rate of your marketing efforts (and those of your clients), let me know what you think!

PS - I didn't realize how cloudy it was outside when I recorded the video (which is why the lighting changes during the video)
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    The hell with the video, I like the funky music!

    Seriously, good presentation on how one must relate to the other. The triangle is a good visual for this.

    - Thanks!
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    Great video Dexx!

    Showing the value in what you're offering/selling is key.
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    Great video, Dexx, and man what a smooth speaking voice you have. Good job!

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    Hey Dexx - great job on the video there and many thanks for using a proper lav mic!

    I see so many videos with just awful sound today, but your was a pleasure to watch and listen to!


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    • Profile picture of the author philboy uk
      Hey Dexx

      I am just looking for the button where I can download your presentation
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    Love it Dexx. What mic and cam did you use? because the audio is only playing out of one channel. Either you can fix this in post editing. Or use an adapter you can pick up for about $4.

    Great video and preso brother and hope you feel better.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dexx
    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    @DrDan - Zi8 with Audio-Technica lavalier, I was in a rush so I forgot to edit the audio before uploading, but I'm going to be buying a mono-stereo adapter so it won't be a problem in the future

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    • Profile picture of the author OfflineMan
      Great video Dexx, lots of gret information in there!!!
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    I like it Dexx. Thanks and nice presentation.
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