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Hello Warriors,

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in offering coupons for their clients via QR codes?

Basically, I'm wanting to tap into the coupon market via electronic means. Instead of having people print off coupons and waste paper, I'm wanting to find a way for them to show a coupon on their phone to the merchant. Then the merchant will have the ability to track that one way or another.

I'm not wanting to out source an app being developed for this purpose. Does anyone know of a way I could do this via QR codes or another method? Just trying to figure out the best way to offer this service.
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    1) Go get Quentin Brown's SCRIPT (Do a Search here for "Quentin Brown") He has a script to make websites "Mobile-Ready" WITHOUT having to pay a monthly fee for each of your clients.
    2) Make up a QR Code (with Discount Coupon) for your client using one of the FREE QR Code makers.
    3) Place the QR Code where "Potential Customers" of your clients will see it. (Newspaper, Flyers, Posters AND....what I'm doing is placing them on my "Motel Info Boards"....so tourists can just "Snap a Picture" of any of my advertiser's QR Codes, and get the Coupon to pop up on their Cell. See attached photo of me standing by one of my Boards)

    THIS is going to be BIG!

    Don Alm....Idea Guy
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    They're great (and somewhat neat, for a while) for creating coupons, but why limit you, your clients, and your local consumers to those that only have smart phones? What about those that don't own a smart phone? They're left out. Even if folks own a smart phone, most will not have the
    app already in their phone...that's IF they know what a QR code is to begin with. Why not text? Text will offer a broader market and isn't as confusing as QR codes. Some might think they're some sorta maze.

    QR codes have their place, but you can do better. When I first learned of QR codes, I thought it was the be-all, end-all. They're more of a lead-in/foot-in-the-door widget, not something to base an entire business model around.
    Don't get me wrong or let this discourage you...by all means, go for it! Just think of what value you'll be offering (not as much as you could be) with JUST QR codes.

    Good luck!
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      Using QR codes is just the beginning. Many options haven't been utilized with QR codes.
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    QR codes for coupon codes are picking up very fast. I agree that a QR code alone is not a business in itself. It can be an excellent complement to the traditional marketing methods. Since the number of smartphone users is exploding, QR codes can provide more exposure.

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    You can route the code to any URL you like.

    So in a sense, create an online landing page with an electronic coupon, hide the page, and then call it through the code. Simple enough way of doing it.
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    I am from Japan where QR Codes were invented and have been big for many years. Please see my website at QRickit.com to learn how to use, make and track QR Codes for business - especially mobile coupons.

    There are free resources there to help any entrepreneur, developer, designer, or marketer to start a mobile and QR Code consulting/marketing service.
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    You can route the code to any URL you like.

    So in a sense, create an online landing page with an electronic coupon, hide the page, and then call it through the code. Simple enough way of doing it.

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      There are several companies already offering mobile coupons which the customer can show to the merchant (who can scan the barcode on the phone or track it through manual means). Groupon, Keypons, Foursquare (Specials) as well as Google Places allow merchants to create mobile coupons that can be redeemed in person by showing the mobile coupon. QR Codes are used to help mobile users get the coupon on their phones. Read more about this at QRickit.com.
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