[CREDIBILITY] Lack Credibility Holding You Back? 4 Things To Help You Position Yourself Better

by Bayo
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Do YOU sometimes feel like you lack credibility? Forget about what everyone else is saying in forums for now. This is about how YOU feel.

Maybe you feel like you’re not ‘qualified’ enough to offer solutions to local business owners who may have been doing their stuff for decades?

Maybe you’ve heard that "...you have no right" selling to local businesses unless you’ve successfully operated your own local business?

If you can answer “Yes” to any one of these statements, then keep reading.

If not, then rather than hang around, you might be able to find some better suited information on how to attract and retain more quality local business clients here - It's all free!
Credibility Holding You Back?

Now for those of you who believe, deep down inside, you’ve got an issue with credibility, here are 4 things (criteria) you should consider when selecting local offline prospects to work with.


  1. First of all because your time is way too precious to be chasing after dead-end local offline leads and what I refer to as “going-nowhere” business owner prospect
  2. Secondly, the wrong types of local business owners are the ones you’re more likely to have issues of credibility with. They’re the ones who ask you the awkward 'credibility' questions
  3. You can only afford to spend your limited time with ‘qualified’ offline prospects or else this business becomes pretty frustrating very quickly. I know because I’ve been there before.


When you have it, nothing else matters.

When you don’t have it, nothing else matters.

It’s that elusive, intangible currency that allows you to enhance your persuasive abilities, your personal power and your influence.

As an Offline Marketing consultant i.e. a service provider or ‘vendor’ it can be difficult to obtain, yet so very easy to lose. I don’t believe local business owners are so ‘savvy’ that they can always pinpoint it, however, they know when you have it. And perhaps more importantly, they know when someone doesn’t.

The Good News

The good news is that you can totally eliminate the question of your credibility altogether when you do the right things in the right order. If you’re not too rushed to get clients (read: I just need paying offline clients like yesterday!) you can position yourself as highly credible, even if you’ve never sold anything to anyone before.

The Bad News

You’ve got to have a system that allows you to quickly and accurately pre-qualify every single local business prospect and you’ve got to make sure you use it use it every time without fail.

Who is a ‘qualified’ local business prospect?

It’s someone who meets certain criteria. These 4 things are also what I recommend that you consider before you decide whether or not to work with ANY local business owner.

In other words, to position yourself in such a way that credibility is less on an issue, make sure that your offline prospects meet all of the following 4 important criteria:

  1. They have a need for your Offline Marketing services
  2. They have a clear desire to improve the way their local business currently operates
  3. They’ve got the authority to make buying decisions
  4. They’ve got money to pay you for your Offline Marketing consulting services

No matter what you’ve read elsewhere, when you're so rushed to just get offline businesses to sign-up for your stuff, if you settle for anything less than these 4 at the very start, you’re wasting your time and you’re more likely to run into issues of credibility.

The Magic Button …

I just threw that in there. The truth is, there isn’t one and you know it, but the closest thing to the 'Magic' button, when done correctly, is your marketing and lead generation.

I'm yet to see one person that does their marketing and lead generation correctly, that does not have local business owners in need contacting them to learn more. Do it right and you too will have people calling you in response to your outreach activities.

Once a local business owner prospect gets in contact with you because they want to know more about what you do and how it can benefit them and their local business, you’ve got to carry out some initial research.

I recommend that you do it over phone.

It saves you time and fits in with the overall strategy that you only invest time with local business owners who have been pre-qualified for you and your Offline Marketing business.

Do it FIRST, no matter how poor looking their website is, no matter how SEO-less their site may be, no matter the fact that they don't have an opt-in box on the website, no matter how far back in the search engine results their website is...do this first.

Do it before you agree to meet with them in person (if you’re going to do this) or carry the discussion further. This is NOT the same as cold-calling because they’ve shown an interest in your solutions.

Don’t be too rushed to get business.

The fact is that there’s more than enough business available than you could possibly handle in a lifetime. It’s how you approach that business that will make all the difference in your results.


Credibility is about believability, and people that don’t need or can’t afford what you have to offer will not only waste your time, they’ll slowly impact how you believe in yourself by asking questions that have no bearing on your ability to deliver.

Making sure you're only ever talking to the right type of business owner from the start is one of the thing that will help eliminate the issue of a lack of credibility for you.

You can also use this ground-up approach 7-step process


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