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Hey, I made a video and I was wondering if I could use a song like "Lean On Me". I hear a lot of music on you tube, but still I wonder about the legality. Does anyone know?
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    The only legal method I know is using Youtubes AudioSwap (assuming you want to publish it on YT).

    YouTube - AudioSwap

    But there are some downsides, e.g. it replaces your audio track. So if you have voice-over and just want some background music it's rather useless.
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      You need to have the 'rights' to use copyrighted music in your video to use it for commercial purposes.

      There are many ways of acquiring those rights, but I found it to be a bit burdensome and too generic for my liking.

      Instead, I use audio software (like DUB Turbo for example) and create my own music. It's simple enough to do and most of these audio products give away sample music clips with free usage rights.

      This way, you are free of any rights management issues and the music can become your own 'branded' sound (style).
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        [QUOTE=Tim Dini;3936406]You need to have the 'rights' to use copyrighted music in your video to use it for commercial purposes.[QUOTE]

        I am not an attorney and I am not giving legal advice. You take all responsibility for acting upon any information... blah, blah, blah.

        Tim is exactly right. Actually, depending on how one interprets the law, you could technically be in violation if you had a party at your home and played the music. (Now, no one would ever prosecute that obviously)

        The chances are that if you use the music, nothing will happen assuming it is on a small scale. It just isn't worth it for anyone to go after a small fish.

        But, the true situation is that you would be violating copyright law.

        I'm sure there is a lot more to it than this, but sites like amazon are able to play short excerpts of audio because 1) they are streamed and not downloaded and 2) because they are being used to sell the actual audio track.

        When that track is sold, a royalty is paid to the person who owns the song. So, it is in the benefit to share the song.

        My recommendation would be to find a piece of royalty free music that either has the sound/feel of "Lean on Me" or one that has similar references/words, depending on the reason you want to use that song.

        good luck,
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          Thanks Scott
          That post was very clear, you're right that no one would come after a small time video usage of a song. I had read that people who use songs on youtube is okay, but youtube has the right to throw ads on them and can also remove the song from the vid if they decide it's necessary. But I think you can forget about using the vid for a #1 Ranking on Googles local maps search.

          Also, good answer on why Amazon (or other music vendors) can use limited excerpts being streamed, not downloaded to aid in the sale, etc.

          I did wind up using royalty free music for my vid, so I didn't have to worry what lies down the road of the path taken. Now I have, "No Worries," and wanted to thank all who have contributed to this conversation.

          Good luck to you too.

          Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. ~Bill Gates

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    I had heard that if you only use a small portion of a song, you didn't have to pay, like they do on sites that sell music. But I would guess that it's always better to be safe than sorry. Thanks.

    Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. ~Bill Gates

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      Wouldn't copywrite be a problem?
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    Just use the royalty free music. You can sign up for animoto for the month and get plenty of music from there for your videos.
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