So I would like to get into mobile marketing - looking for a mentor

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Or so to speak...

In my hometown there are a few business that could greatly benefit from mobile marketing campaigns (including SMS). This is a college town and I think with the right product/service, you can land a few impulse buys from a well worded mass text.

Anyway, I don't know any of the technical stuff, the fine print, so to speak, about setting this all up.

I would like to work with someone on a deal. I could land the business and we can split the profits. You get more business and in return I get a chance to learn the process.

I'm a great salesman, I just don't know the technical stuff and don't want to stumble through the learning curve while trying to work my first client.

I'm willing to learn and I have no problem doing so on my own (if I get rejected here for instance), I just understand the value of time and at the very least, it doesn't hurt to propose this question here.

Thanks for hearing me out Warrior Forum
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    Not that it would be me, but I was reading your post and thinking 'Ok, so where do you live?'

    I'm guessing the US as probably 95% of you are American but if you put your town down one of the people who does this may be round the corner from you.

    Make sense?

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      Yep, it makes sense.

      But I doubt that someone here would be 'around the corner' from me.

      Also, I think it would open myself up to competition, as I'm pretty much stating where some potential candidates are located.

      Perhaps that last statement is far fetched (and paranoid even), but it's also not improbable (did I use that in the correct context? ).
      I can help your business grow. Spend less time backlinking and more time focusing on your clients. Skype me anytime for more details. Custom packages available.
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        Hi CMC,

        I would highly recommend going through Quentin's WSO. That will give you all the technical know-how that you're after.

        I've had the pleasure of meeting him personally, and can vouch for him with my own experience.

        If you'd like someone to build sites for you while you sell them - I can help.

        Shoot me a PM or email on sanj at alphacue dot com

        All the best,

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          Hi sanjx,

          thanks for the advice. Do you have a link to quentin's wso? A quick google search gives me this:

          And I found a coupon (not sure for how much).

          I can build sites, however, I am always interested in outsourcing. Shoot me a PM and we can talk further, or skype me at c_carlin

          I can help your business grow. Spend less time backlinking and more time focusing on your clients. Skype me anytime for more details. Custom packages available.
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            Hi CMC, I was reading your post and thought of this webinar that I just attended about 2 weeks ago that goes over exactly how to take advantage of being in a college town with mobile marketing. The concept is pure genius and this webinar gives you step by step instructions as to how to set it up easily and get it going in no time.

            Dan Hollings which is the marketing genius behind the ultra successful movie "The Secret" is the one who hosted the webinar.

            Here is the replay.

            Mini-Groupon Strategy Webinar Replay - Step-By-Step Mobile

            You can also check out my blog for mobile marketing tips and tricks.
            Easy Mobile Marketing strategies, and Latest Mobile Media trends.
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              Mobile marketing has many branches; bulk text messaging(consumers adoption is high now), mobile website( this can be used as a version of your desktop website for mobile traffic redirection or a landing page for bulk text messaging/QR Code campaign), mobile phone opt-in list building using short code or long code, bluetooth proximity marketing, mobile application for businesses, and new mobile marketing methods that springs on a daily basis.

              With all this listing, it is obvious that you cannot go for all as a beginner. My advice is that you should begin with bulk text messaging because it is popular and already widely adopted. Later on, you may begin to add more products when you have won some client. There are a lot of bulk sms providers that offer resellership. Google one in your area and sign up.

              If you want me to mentor to you PM me or visit my signature link.
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