Where do you outsource graphic design

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Hey all,
Just wondering, We are looking for a place to outsource our graphic design and layout work to. We have been using local freelancers, but they are pretty pricey even with little to no experience. I am a designer myself, but I cant really scale my offline business doing everything myself, so I decided it was time to step away from the drawing board and focus on running and managing the business. Any advice is appreciated.


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    Fiverr.com or try Odesk.com

    I prefer Odesk for the simple fact that you can post a job and get bids, instead of Fiverr where you have send a bunch of messages to potential people.
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    I have had success with Elance.
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      If you have any projects you'd like to run by me, please do so!

      As a designer, I'm up for collaboration.

      Please click into my sig and contact me via the form. My PM's aren't activated here yet.
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      Some ideas that come to mind of course are the usual suspects:

      1) Odesk, Elance, RentACoder, etc.

      2) You might also want to consider 99designs.com. This is a crowd sourcing service, where you'll get responses with actual work and then you decide which one you like the best.

      3) Hire an intern from the local school. They can often get college credit for their work.

      4) Finally, a plug for our service, we have our own in-house graphics people, which we sell to others as well.
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    Fiverr is good for basic stuff and the turnaround is pretty fast. oDesk is good as well but it will take you a bit more time to wade through all of the applicants. eLance (I believe) is $50 a project minimum. Of course once you find a good contractor on any of the services you can then make things happen faster.
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    Fiverr for low quality.
    Odesk for medium quality.
    Elance for higher quality.

    Got it, thanks guys. Good question, good responses.
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      Originally Posted by supernal View Post

      Fiverr for low quality.
      Odesk for medium quality.
      Elance for higher quality.

      Got it, thanks guys. Good question, good responses.
      Thanks for the rating system! It'll make decision making much more simpler.

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        I find Fiverr/Elance/etc to be good for one-off gigs, but if you really want to grow your business you need to bring people on for long-term.

        Sounds like what you need is a graphic design VA... I've heard a lot of good things about VirtualStaffFinder.com if you need help finding a qualified person overseas for full time work. I haven't gone that route yet, but I plan to in the future as my business grows.
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    In house team.

    Unless you want someone to create a graphic design that can turn your credibility into a mess when it goes for printing...

    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Odesk or Elance got the best of them, so I always go there to find someone of according to my need.

    Check you Site Value and the real website cost of your site.

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    Thanks for all the responses. I do appreciate everyones input. I have hired freelancers to work in house and have not had a good experience and ultimately had to redo half of what they did before it went to print. Local freelance rates are very high even for designers with no experience which is why I was looking to outsource to someone with experience but could fit within project budgets and actually leave room for profit which is why we are all doing what we do. I will take a look at elance and have already looked at Odesk quickly.

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    You can also check out Creattica. I have hired designers by looking through their work and then contacting them. For some reason I tend to like the work by UK designers the most. I find that their work seems to be more creative.
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    I was a designer on Elance for years and they do have some talent on Elance. Like everything, you need to check references and portfolios.
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    I use someone I found on WF and am happy with what he produces for me, nothing is too much trouble until I'm completely satisfied with the finished product. I can't remember his WF username but I could PM his name & email if you like.

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    How about holding a design contest? It's another way of outsourcing and this could work well in different situations and might work for you too.

    You only get to pay when you've already selected the design you want. Good thing is you also have around a hundred alternative designs.

    This article explains design contests more. The most popular design contest sites are Crowdspring, DesignCrowd and 99designs.
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