Lead Tracking Group Database Software?

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Hi all =)

I'm diligently looking for a piece of software that can be used for a group of salespeople to record their sales efforts, and would be best if if could be accessed via mobile.

In other words, if a sales person goes out and walks into a business, I want them to be able to login to a site with a unique user id/password, and enter in the business info (name, phone number, etc...) and to record the results.

So maybe for example, the business owner says, "I'm not interested right now", or "call me in 4 weeks", they can record that so they can follow up.

The same thing goes with cold calling. It would be a way to track all the businesses in a particular area, and the contacts that have been made throughout, as well as to monitor each individual's progress.

Ideally, all sales people's information would be recorded in a central place that I could monitor to track progress, and if the sales person quits or is no longer someone I choose to have on my team, i can simply cut off their access and allow access to a new sales person in that area.

Again, if it can all be done on their smart phones also, that would be ideal.

Does anyone know if there's a software program or hosted solution that does this?

Thanks in advance,

Russell =P
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      Thanks, I've heard of Salesforce but never really investigated it to find out all it did. Checking it out now!

      Thanks again,

      Russell =P
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    Hi Russell, I haven't tried it either, but I've heard good comments about Salesforce. Hope this helps.
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    Looks fantastic. Is there anything similar to that that's a little cheaper? I mean $5 per user is great, but once you start looking at the options for more than 5 people you're getting into 65-250/month PER user... So If I have 20 sales people at the $125/mo package, I'm looking at $2500/month.

    I understand it's all relative to the money that my sales team is making, but would still like to see if there's a more cost effective alternative.

    Thanks =)
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    OK, just found Highrise: Small Business CRM, Web-Based Contact Manager which judging by the logo is the same peeps as basecamp.

    MUCH More affordable! Haven't done the full comparison, but looks very promising!

    Also, I just spoke with a sales rep from salesforce.com and you need to pay yearly in advance for whatever plan you take. Would be $1500 for the year for the $25/ user plan for 5 users vs. 99/ month with highrisehq for 40 users with no contract...

    Sounds good to me! Going to go check it out further

    Russell =P
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    Thanx for sharing! looks really promising.
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    Thanks for this thread...
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      If you are looking for a lead tracking & CRM tool, then have a look at B12leads.com

      It is a Lead Tracking tool to capture, distribute and track leads within your sales teams.

      It will help you manage sale people and teams so you can see their activity and make sure no leads get ignored.

      Any Q's please ask
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