SMS Marketing..What to Charge?

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Walking into a deli today on a lead and they need a website, but they definitely need text message marketing.

I was thinking of charging $500 a month for this service...too much...too little?

I saw Adam Horowitz was charging businesses a $1,000 a month, but that seems high for a deli.

I would appreciate some help.


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    What's up Mike!

    I actually just got done writing up an entire plan for SMS marketing.

    Guess what, you hit the nail on the head. I am planning on charging $500/month for most companies.

    Hit me up on Skype and let me know how your appointment goes.



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    Seems a bit expensive, I would discount the first month and charge $500 the full price after you're able to show some conversions.

    Trumpia: The Most Completed SMS Text Messaging Software & API Solution.
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      500 a month wow that is high what are you offering i charge 50 for 500 messages and 97 set up... i m going to bump it to 100 after i get a few more cleints...
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    you should consider charging in terms of advertising as well, charge em for the labor to help market your products instead of actual bills
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      In many metro areas this service is highly competitive and prices for only SMS can be brutal if your clients start shopping around. Try selling web services, SMS, SEO marketing, premium add-ons, etc as a monthly package deal/proposal with your markup built in. Sometimes performance bonuses can be added to your monthly billing, for example when exceeding a guaranteed minimum threshold of new customers or revenue.
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