How to make 200$ a Day with Twitter without a Twitter account!

by tmoby
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First of all, Hello!

Second of all, this is just a small twist to a regular method, but it can yield INSANE results when you get it going.

The method revolves around the usage of "pay with a tweet" or "pay with a facebook post".

Here's the easiest example;

If you have an e-book for download don't sell it for cash. Make sure it's stuffed full of YOUR affiliate links. Now rather than a buy it now button use a pay with a tweet button.

Imagine just 1 person downloads it, tweets that to there 100 followers, 2 of those followers download it and tweet to their 100 followers, 2 from each of those download etc..

There doing all the work for you now!

This is the by far the easiest way to create an residual income because of the viral capabilities!

Try and be unique and creative with it!

Now I just scratched the surface on how beneficial pay with a tweet is! Once you manage to hit around 10 - 20 dollars a day with it, you can sit back and watch it grow EVERY DAY without doing work! Everyone else is doing it for you!

So there's my first share! I hope I explained it well enough, I was trying to get it out as fast as possible! It's a very simple and straight forward method but an extremely powerful money making technique. I could have sold this as a very in-depth ebook, but I was feeling generous today!

and also..



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