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I'm new here and this is my first post so, two things: 1) if this is the wrong section then please feel free to move my post. 2) if this question has been addressed already, I am infinitely sorry.

Q: I have found an issue where when I search for a specific business name in Google, Google Places (GP) comes up with 2 different different businesses. That's fine and I think I know how to resolve that in theory (if anyone has a specific site that they prefer or recommend as authority, please link to it as I would be greatly appreciative). However, I'm more interested in what happens when I do a keyword search that renders the business as a result. It brings up a complete new listing! I guess what I'm really asking is for an explanation or a method that will thoroughly search out ALL Google Places pages that way I can make sure there are no Places pages sucking my reviews and rankings that boost my organic. Any local remedies?

Specifics: The two GP listings that come up when I search the specific name in Google have 3 reviews and 7 reviews respectively. When I search they keyword term for their business, it pulls up a GP listing with 4 reviews. All of these reviews are unique. None are copies and GP has even indexed different reviews from different sites for each GP listing. A medical directory for one, yahoo for another and citysearch (maybe, can't remember) for the other. So confusing. Any light shedding would be appreciated.

Also, I have a ton of questions about SEO that pop into my head all the time that I can't find answers for through Google. Do you guys get pretty tired of answering questions over and over again from the same person? I guess I'm really just wondering how long I can extend a warm welcome

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    If you go to:, and search by phone number, does it pull multiple listing for you?
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      Originally Posted by Tuffy22 View Post

      If you go to:, and search by phone number, does it pull multiple listing for you?
      Thank you. That worked well. It picked up three locations but one of the ones I previously spoke about wasn't on there. Specifically the 7 review GP listing, even though the phone number is the same. How odd. Maybe because out of the three it's the only one that is owner verified? That must be it. Now, I have a few more questions if you don't mind

      1) The reason there are so many is because there are so many different doctors at this specific clinic. Should I leave these split up? My personal opinion is no due to the fact that they're effectively splitting their ranking 4 ways AND it may break GP's rules. On the other hand, if I merge the rankings, considering they're for specific doctors, GP might not cite them ever again due to the new GP being so broad. I personally think they would cite again considering the name of the business and details (address etc) are all the same but then again, the doctor's names are different. I imagine it will take forever for them to cite again anyway but I wonder if it will cite them at all. Thoughts?

      2) Last, do you guys know of any decent websites or forums for GP information and discussion in general? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Tuffy for the information. That seemed so simple and it makes me wonder what else I have missed because I didn't look hard enough. You're the man.

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    I dont think people get irritated qith questions, what i know that irritates people is when people ask a question and then get argumentative and defensive when you give them an answer lol

    Don't be afraid of asking, we were all new at some point and even I love to find new questions that people ask, it leads us to find out and maybe see something from a whole new approach

    I do not have an answer for you, but I am interested if anyone does since this could be handy for me and one of my websites that I am working out
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